1. That'll take him until he's 36, be interesting to see how he holds up. They're placing some big bets on these guys not falling off a cliff.

  2. He won most outstanding lineman again did he not? While playing through injury most of the season. He will be just fine.

  3. Christmas season is almost upon us! In the light of the season what is everyone's favourite HOT DRINK? I'm a pretty rabid coffee drinker, have almost 2 caraffes a day but I usually drink black. When I want to treat myself, you bet your ass I'm going for a chai latte

  4. I’m not a coffee person, I can wake up and not need it (everyone calls me crazy). So definitely hot chocolate & white hot chocolate at that.

  5. He tried to kick them while they were down, but the kick was blocked.

  6. TFC fans have been super annoying towards the Argos forever now. Like they feel so entitled and it’s just weird to watch them act that way.

  7. Rose said he thinks he got stepped on.

  8. I thought I heard he was injured but I can’t confirm.

  9. If they wanna follow me back to Alberta they can go for it

  10. Weird. I met a guy in Saskatoon at a Sobeys Liquor store wearing a bomber touque, he asked me about local beers, told him about some of the best sask beers, then noticed his touque. I said, "i may not like your team but ill show you what we got." He said it was weird too as he was from Alberta as well.

  11. Yeah there’s a few of us over here. Saw another guy in Regina at the game that I’ve seen at every Edmonton game I go to. Mr Hurricane guy

  12. they gave out rings to the first 10k fans at the home opener in 2018 and ended up with left overs

  13. Oh crap you’re right. I’ll have to watch my back 👀

  14. You’re looking in wrong place. I found lots of them

  15. Couldn’t ask for a better thing to read before the game. Go Blue!

  16. I love it. No overlap with NFL is a great decision

  17. I think we’ve earned this after the long drought we went through

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