1. I've been dealing with mental health issues for 15 years and in that time I've managed to get by without ever assaulting someone.

  2. Congratulations ! You're now the CEO of ClubsNSW

  3. I don't know if it's true, because I heard it from some random guy at a pub - but he said he worked at one of the places that train sniffer dogs. According to him, the dogs are really good with luggage and static objects, but have no idea when it comes to people walking by themselves without carrying anything of size.

  4. There's no way to know for sure, but from my experience it's best to just avoid it.

  5. So as a man who suffers from stress-related mental illness, why oh why would you put your hand up to be the CEO of ClubsNSW yesterday?

  6. I agree - if he gets off on this, he shouldn't be allowed to apply for jobs that have the possibility of stress.

  7. I honestly don't know what people's problem with gays is to begin with. Since the majority of them do not procreate what are they worried about? These are people that don't produce offspring. All they're doing is paying taxes and pumping money into the economy. Sometimes they even adopt the "spare" kids that heterosexual people made and couldn't take care of.

  8. I blame heterosexuals they're the ones making all the gays

  9. Thanks! We have seven people now, five full time and two part time. It originally started with three of us who were former software engineers at The Boeing Company, but we quit our day jobs to start working on physics sandbox games. Since then, the new devs we have brought onto the team were avid players of our games who stood out in the community in some way, such as making awesome mods for our games. They've really helped us to maintain the enthusiasm and to make sure that we are building a game that the community wants.

  10. Last company (software company) I worked at started hiring people from the open source community that were supporting our product. Every time they did that there was a spike in progress - they usually got their moneys worth within 6 months or less of hiring. I think it's a great strategy.

  11. So Alan Jones was at a toilet in London....

  12. Favorite comment from when I first saw this video:

  13. That's so good. I reckon the person that wrote it was probably proud of their work too.

  14. I love how manual it was. It never occurred to me that synths weren't available then.

  15. Synthesized sound was a thing, but the instruments and equipment was hard to get and expensive. The Radiophonic people were basically taking electrical knowledge and making sound with test equipment or building their down circuits. Hainbach on youtube covers what this test equipment is capable of in the studio.

  16. I saw a doco about Aphex Twin once - and it was similar. This was in the 80s when stuff was readily available, just was expensive - so he used amateur electronics to make his stuff.

  17. As someone who has lived in Japan for nearly ten years, cones have turned invisible to me. I had forgotten about the lack of cones in other areas of the world.

  18. I love the fact that the non-parking cones are the ones people tend to park at.

  19. I love the synergy. They've really got the characters playing well off each other.

  20. I love the vague ones like "nostalgic music".

  21. I"m sure I saw the same one around the corner from me the other week.

  22. "Look at these shoes, they don't match the socks."

  23. While my buddy and I were talking to a landlord about renting one of their properties she made the assumption we were a gay couple and was excited about it because "I've rented to several of you people before and they made the places look great!". We rolled with it because we wanted the place, but we were incredibly insulted she thought we were a couple because we were 2 dudes living together.

  24. Same with me, we pull-out before we come to keep ourselves hetero.

  25. Meanwhile UFO videos are just as blurry and unconvincing as ever.

  26. I like to think that "UFO"s use some cloaking mechanism that makes all photos of them look blurry.

  27. Thought I'd check him out - but he's all sold out now.


  29. I think that HCF building is still the same, just changed to red from blue on the sign.

  30. god I loved the Venture Bros. they packed so so many references of all types into nearly every scene. so many layers to the jokes and characters.

  31. I found it funny without knowing that. But that adds an extra layer that makes me appreciate it more.

  32. I'm always surprised that this was when Eddie Murphy was massive - SNL, Beverly Hills Cop, this song, and he was only 23 at the time.

  33. I hit this at 30. I stopped going for the low hanging fruit (alcohol, binge watching TV, junk food and other comfort seeking behaviour) and started using all my free time to develop skills or build myself (gym, learning a language, improving my guitar playing, meditating, actively trying to get better at cooking). You will ask yourself what this has to do with your boss and job? Well seems like your worth is determined by some office, the trick is to work less and get good at shit you enjoy on the side. We're not supposed to overwork ourselves doing some bullshit to impress friends we don't even like. If your friends lecture you just fucken block them and start again

  34. Not sure if I've seen a more obvious paid-for article about something. The author could barely keep their erection contained.

  35. It reads like it's written by a real estate agent.

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