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Medical Cost In India

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  1. Made on imgflip bcoz of uneven font setting for third joey box

  2. This subreddit doesn't promote any kind of violence.. strictly moderated, only entertains

  3. People think in hindi and hence it is easier to explain concepts and ideas in Hindi.

  4. Dont underestimate the power of CID and crime patrol ;)

  5. Sad that Turkey and India not on good terms and that they support pakistan. They are doing brilliantly on UAVs and drones. Sadly nothing for India.

  6. It's an incredible film, one of Anurag Kashyap's five masterpieces. The scenes with the Ardh-Nareshwar, the naked professor, and of course the sudden deaths are unforgettable. Most actors do well but Kay Kay is, of course, another level. There are only a minor problem with it: there are a lot of very short scenes in the beginning that are edited frenetically at breakneck speed, so there's a lack of thahraav necessary for absorbing something deep. It's like they shot a lot and couldn't cut individual scenes so kept everything with shortened lengths. Other than that, it's brilliant.

  7. Wow awesome detailed analysis.. never thot about that theraav thing.. thanks Kunal

  8. What a masterpiece , the poetic and political charisma !!

  9. I don't know who named them, but in India we call it 'pepsi' ☺️

  10. Most wholesome kalesh in the history of wholesomes, kaleshs and history

  11. Ye jawab yaad kyu nahi aaya kisi ko.. chup ho jati penguin

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