1. R1-3: Unfortunately Homelander is just too much for Captain America. Out stats him in every category, except for ass. Captain America has the ass of America.

  2. Apparently only John Bonham was present at this event but didn't do anything with the fish and woman, he was an onlooker.

  3. I've seen suggestions for the Scythe receive a bleeding effect inflicted on opponents similar to Vardorvis' spike attack. I think that would be a decently viable approach to improving Scythe.

  4. Best/funniest part is they 100% know what they're talking about. But, chances are they're prolly already too stoned munching on their pizza to care.

  5. Most people here will agree that Alex Ross' art in KC is exceptional.

  6. His iteration of Superman is my favorite. Big barrel chested but not overly bodybuilder ripped.

  7. Haven’t gave it a listen yet; what’s the differences between the two?

  8. Teen Titans (2003). The show handled themes like realizing your capability and strength, struggles with oneself and others in a mature manner and presentable to its targeted audience.

  9. The group dynamics of the Roc Pile are one of best things of the Netflix seasons.

  10. This is pretty obscure, but the co-worker of the protagonist of Saw VI was stuck on the carousel trap in which only 2 out of 6 people can be saved. The second person saved was right before the co-worker, meaning his death was imminent. As the shotgun was winding up to deliver the fatal blow, the co-worker furiously yells at the protagonist, “Look at me! When you’re killing me, you look at me!”

  11. Only difference for me is I discovered and played through That and Robot Rage was my jam.

  12. Arguing with someone about a fictional video game character’s age is quite a Reddit moment.

  13. I believe you can tag an object’s true tile under the True Tile Marker plugin.

  14. My pick is Sandman. He's basically invulnerable and immortal. His biggest weakness (water) is everywhere, sure, but it doesn't kill him. It just makes him unable to control his form for a while. He'd be back as soon as he dries out. Unless one of the others has a weapon to turn him to glass, he can win by attrition as the others mortal bodies wear down.

  15. Also in his giant form, Sandman also was punching with enough force to shake an entire city block, and with enough speed to tag Spider-Man while web swinging. Pretty sure Flint can one shot the rest of the villains.

  16. Just imagine that Thor scene...but with Portman instead. Twitter would have lynched the director.

  17. Makes me appreciate the aspect how The Boys wasn’t afraid to show Hughie and Starlight naked when Hughie teleported them away.

  18. Yeah but still, they'll show like right up a dude's asshole or a giant penis someone can walk into but...nothing comparable with the women. Like they'll have a couple tits, and a hint of Aya Cash's merkin, but nobody's taking a fantastic voyage up Maeve's pink or anything like that. They wouldn't dare in this climate, Amazon wouldn't let them.

  19. You know, that’s a good point I haven’t even considered because I tried to flush out my memory of seeing that dude’s chocolate starfish.

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