1. Y'all don't just... click randomly as quickly as possible then go for the survivors?

  2. Brock was very agile for his monstrous stature and strength. Bruce Lee has nothing he can do against Brock when he can easily take him to the ground.

  3. I’ve been trying to incorporate more leg drive. Do you have any good cues that you use to help with that?

  4. While your feet are firmly planted to the ground, imagine your doing a leg extension from that position.

  5. I like nex. Players whine that it's a boss you have to eat food at but it's good to have one of those too.

  6. Just because having to eat food which subjectively makes it “good to have one of those” doesn’t necessarily make it good or enjoyable content.

  7. Player Moderators; i mean.. where are they?

  8. Leg pressing for only 2 reps is a waste of time. Low reps for legs should only be reserved for heavy squats (or deadlifts for those that do on leg day) IMO.

  9. While that is true, we don’t know if he would HAVE the Omni-droid. That’s really more the OP’s fault for not being specific enough. I have to assume he only has the technology on his physical body, and if that’s the case he definitely wouldn’t survive. Vought would either try to recruit him, fulfilling his dream of becoming a superhero, or they would kill him. He’s too slow for other supes.

  10. Yeah I should’ve specified Syndrome with just his suit; no Omni-Droid.

  11. Considering KC Supes is explicably stated and shown to be more powerful than regular Supes in the comics, I’m totally fine with it.

  12. Interestingly, switch Kephri and Akkha in your comment and that’s what I have.

  13. the problem with the staff is that its shit outside of ToA

  14. all that crap is either irrelevant or completely unnecessary lol

  15. Captain Marvel was able to gradual overwhelm Thanos when they locked arms. Thanos had to pull out the Power Stone and use it on Captain Marvel. On the other hand, Thanos beat Hulk fair and square without any stones.

  16. Captain marvel does win, but this isn't why. Firstly, the stones have a toll on the user, so he was weaker. Secondly, she was using energy from the stones when she touched the gauntlet.

  17. I’ve seen the second claim come up time from time. Has there been any actual confirmed statement on that?

  18. Hey guys, that’s me! I do have all of his video game uploads, 1,668 in total, but right now YouTube only lets me upload 10 videos a day.

  19. His Superman is iconic to me. Makes me think all the time that Patrick Warburton would have been incredible as Superman in the past.

  20. I’ve always thought Patrick Warburton would make a great Kingdom Come Superman. Big, tall, has the face and build, and is the perfect age to play him.

  21. Why is Michael Brown on here? He robbed and physically assaulted a store owner earlier the same day he tussled with a police officer.

  22. Still deserved their right to a fucking trial. Clowns like you are why I cringe when they virtue signal their “thanks” for my “service”.

  23. You’re getting downvoted because you made a baseless and irrelevant statement. But don’t worry, you adding that edit just because you’re salty you got downvoted to hell is amusing.

  24. Well the thing is the heat vision from Ryan against stormfront was more violent and bright while the soldier boy one was smaller

  25. Not really a convincing point when you realize an angered Butcher lasered Soldier Boy straight to the dome and the latter only sustained a minor cut. And Butcher’s laser was able to match Homelander’s which is more impressive than Ryan’s.

  26. Thought Robot Superman not even universal level because he grunted when Mandrakk hit him with the heat of ten billion suns.

  27. MCU Doctor Strange has MFTL speed because he was able to conjure a black hole which is something light can’t escape from.

  28. Buu stomps, he was much stronger than Z Frieza whose 1st form

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