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  1. Is this from a dashboard you manage, or a service?

  2. I died in a WalMart. Was intubated for 18 days till I was stable enough to do a quadruple bypass and two valves. That was in 2018 and I'm still here today and fine.

  3. Just learned a handful of great new tips, thanks!!

  4. Russ finally cooks to the tune of 350+ yards and 3+ TDs

  5. I traded him and Cooks, for Sun God and Higgins

  6. Zeke was RB6 last year on a strained PCL. For those who don’t know, it is directly responsible for stability and burst - the exact thing everyone said he lacked last year, and he was RB6. He is much superior to Pollard as a blocker.

  7. Stop with this RB6 nonsense. In PPG he was RB15 in PPR, and RB14 in standard.

  8. Not sure, it was 10 years ago. I was but a boy. Yet here I still await the new season of Futurama, sitting, waiting patiently like Frys dog.

  9. Like how money is plural, but monies can be multiple currencies

  10. Was a surreal weather event and I'm glad I got a picture for the 30 seconds it lasted!

  11. Maybe the Terry, well rounded for crowd control and the activated ability is really strong for bosses.

  12. My mouth watered looking at them, but unfortunately $70 is a lot for a couple steaks haha

  13. The tricky part is not in the standings but the tie breakers. As the first tie break is winning % amongst all of the teams with the same record against each other.

  14. Except in ESPN leagues, that tiebreaker is not employed unless each team has played the other tied teams the same number of times -- and in 14-week unless you're in an 8-team league that's highly unlikely in a 5-way tie.

  15. But then if it's defaulting to Points For then none of the tied teams could be 100% playoffs, because in theory they could score 0 and another team 500 bumping them out of the tie breaker.

  16. This WILL scratch that part of your brain that craves “one more run” type of roguelites. My top favorites are Slay the Spire, Binding of Isaac, Neon Abyss, and Monster Train. I’ve bought and played a ton of them but I can definitively say that this is a winner. The mechanics are rock solid for a deck builder and. There’s a lot of personality, and even at over 300 hours played I still find new events.

  17. I enjoyed MT quite a bit on PC so from your post I decided to check out neon abyss. Took some runs to get comfortable with the firing controls but looks like I am going to love it!

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