1. The simplest way to understand it is that all foods are comprised of carbs, proteins, and fats. Your body needs a certain amount of protein to maintain/ grow muscle mass. A certain amount of (healthy) fats are necessary for bodily function.

  2. I never really understood how montagne should be played. Is he most effective using his own pistol or just being cover for others who shoot from behind him? Never works anytime I play it or my friends play it.

  3. I haven’t played in like five years, is it still super easy to kill Monty with C4? That always happen d when I played him, someone would toss C4 on his face.

  4. I just use a joystick hat switch for this. I think there’s a way to do it in Virpil software, or via VJoy or something like that

  5. It’s crazy because the whole ethos of Starbucks when it started was to recreate the sort of chill Italian coffee shop vibe where people would come in for a coffee and be able to chill for an hour or two while working or reading. I’m in sales and drive a lot for work and I’ve definitely stopped at Starbucks a lot just because I knew they had a decent menu and good WiFi to get a little bit of work done in between meetings. I know people like independent coffee shops, but when you’re in an area you don’t know well, Starbucks was always available. Like the coffee was overpriced, but you got a spot to chill out for a little while which made it worth the price of admission.

  6. Those days are long gone. We aren’t allowed to have a third place.

  7. The other day I was walking around at night and heard teardrop playing from a random bar. There was a porch with burning torches. Immediate vibe. It’s such a specific thing.

  8. Depends on how long it takes them to fix all the basic problems and give us a complete game.

  9. this includes writing an entire story lol

  10. G6 late or regular? G6 without MW feels a bit weak

  11. Just to be clear, I'm not saying I can't possibly learn with the resources that have been mentioned or that they're not great. Just that there was a set of tutorial missions with a really nuts and bolts, talk-through-everything text resource that worked really well for me in the last iteration of the game, and I'm wondering if there's anything like that for this version of the game.

  12. I also need to know why things are the way they are to retain them. I basically go back and watch the requiem videos every six months or so once I’ve learned a bit more. A lot of the procedure details weren’t something I could really retain or learn from because of the ‘why.’

  13. Horus rising is a great intro to the setting, I thought. The slow unveiling is part of the fun.

  14. I posed your question to an AI chat bot and it had this to say.

  15. This particular format of writing is getting super recognizable as so created

  16. By "love" do you mean "another example of how fucking stupid the ST is"?

  17. Yeah, this is a great example of Abrams strip mining the lore for a cheap empty gag. No way Han would not have ever tried it out.

  18. it’s a hella good game. Absolutely unforgiving in the best of ways

  19. You know, I kind of enjoy darktide for this. Mindlessly running through a mission or two and chatting after a day at the office. I always enjoy it as long as I don’t expect to have something more substantial to sink my teeth into.

  20. Eh, my 20s were an absolute slog to get through graduate school. Sure, I enjoyed them, but they were a roller coaster of emotional turmoil, despair, and confusion. Everybody is different.

  21. I appreciate your work so much. It’s expanding my 40K imagination.

  22. You can’t get by with just quen on hard

  23. Yes, Zuckerberg was inspired by "Snow Crash", but missed the point entirely. Though Stephenson probably missed the point as well; he's quite libertarian.

  24. Have you read the diamond age?

  25. The one piece of hope in this is the impending doom of Facebook.

  26. The other socials are super dangerous though. Everything is designed for bite sized short form dopamine hits. Even youtube has shorts now. It’s terrifying, it’s like being trapped in a casino.

  27. I am of the mindset that Vash will go through major character growth within this first season. Even if he isn't doing much the story has a solid directive from what we've seen so far.

  28. I kind of agree. I still think… hope… this is just a prologue and there will be a time ship that fixes things.

  29. I’m really not feeling this. I feel like the studio wanted to play around with the characters and universe visually but didn’t want to spend time developing anything. Each episode just… passes by without any of the beats having any time at all to breathe. It’s like a fever dream. I don’t understand why they went this route. Maybe it will go somewhere crazy after getting through the story super fast? Time will tell I guess.

  30. This is, in my opinion. Later GenX, and Millennials actually had to learn how to use a computer. It seemed easy as kids of course, but I think most of it came down to trial and error, because they did require more effort. Especially in the 80s. Something as simple as modern devices seem like a cakewalk. If I can’t figure it out, eventually I search on Hotbot (Google of course, but the memories of those old 90s search engines)

  31. Millennial here. So much of my career and skill set today derives from being compelled to figure out how to use PCs to do interesting things when I was growing up.

  32. It was all hidden away for more "sleek experience". Especially on mobile devices.

  33. Personally I think the way phones obfuscate the actual file system makes anything more than surface level tasks strange and difficult. It’s never felt natural to me.

  34. I don't expect Apple to market this as a mass consumption device. It's already been rumored months ago that this initial version will appeal to devs and maybe the enterprise. The lower cost version coming later will be marketed to a larger population with gaming and social apps being the focus.

  35. Apple makes products for consumers, and occasionally creative professionals.

  36. Yeah, they get deployed routinely whenever there's legitimate protests against the police, but not when there's an actual insurrection occurring, because 'priorities.'

  37. They were out during the BLM protests. Humvees everywhere.


  39. Do everyday vehicle breakins not count as crime? There’s sure a problem there. A few years back neighborhoods were hiring private security guards to patrol all the parked cars.

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