1. Think it’s about an oz or just shy by a few grams! Either way I’m super excited. Strain is waffleberry auto from photon Pharms, learned a ton throughout this grow and I owe it to many from this community and beyond! Next grow will be even better!

  2. Nice job! Looks awesome! Dont cut corners on the dry and cure its worth the wait! What terp profile is this strain throwing off? Anything interesting?

  3. I agree, they should report both numbers as if they're unrelated to each other. If Cede & Co reports 225M and CS reports 100M, then 10k should capture it. It's not RC job to ensure CS and Cede & Co (MM/HF) numbers allign with each other.

  4. We should propose this that both numbers get reported.

  5. Definitely use the light, maybe keep it closer to the plant. You can raise and lower the plant inside the barrel to control that distance.

  6. Yeah a stack of clean old books or boards in there to keep it close to the light and then removing one or two a week will be helpful.

  7. You can also just take a long black plastic garden hose and lay it flat on something that absorbs sun heat like metal, concrete, a roof, ect and cycle the water through the hose with a small pump or bell siphon. Its the same principal used for passive solar heating pools. It works well! Ive gotten temps up to 126F on a partly cloudy day before just by controlling flow rate at the end. You could also run a steel pipe thru a parabolic sheet of bent metal and have it track the sun, ive heard those guys can create steam and boil water w just the sun, its a bit more sophisticated though.

  8. Also TAKE NOTES! Its so important to know what youve done exactly if you want to have repeatable results for your environment.

  9. It wasn't too harsh, but it also didn't really taste like anything. I've got to get better at drying and curing for the next harvest.

  10. I hear you on that! So hard to properly dry and cure when it looks soo nice and ready! I can attest its 💯percent worth the wait and effort to preserve all your hard work.

  11. Never seen this variety before! Looks cool. Any thoughts on flavor profile? It gets too hot to grow much more than thai oak leaf lettuce when we get real spring and summer

  12. If GME merges with a bud bar and dominoes we could be set for life! Or if they merged with wendys and jiffy lube.

  13. That's just bro science, bro. I tickle ALL of my scorpions pretty milking and the venom is loaded with amines, bro trust me bro, its bro science, bro.

  14. Is that where the aggressive terps come from?

  15. Gopher snake. If there are rodents around, I doubt it will bother your chickens. Generally thought of as beneficial, unless you fear snakes. If you don't bother it, it won't bother you. Just don't leave eggs lying around. It won't even know to look for them.

  16. Make sure to leave a fake egg in the coop! A friend of ours has a wooden egg his granddad carved and he painted as a kid. He put it in his nesting boxes to deter hens from pecking eggs and help them learn where they go. It was there for years until One day it was gone. He looked around and found a dead snake on the ground with a large bulge in it. He cut the snake open and got his wooden egg back and its still working great to this day.

  17. Ive seen dudes that take nice big fans and pour clear resin epoxy over them to make badass j rolling trays and coasters/plates or even clear/colored epoxy with fans in it as a window hanger. Ive personally used the good fans and stems to make a topical coconut oil cream that is amazing for moisturizing your skin. A family member had shingles bad all around their eye and face - this cream was the only relief for the lingering nerve pain that lasted months after the initial stage. A tip on processing stems and fans for a topical - dont use the biggest main stalks, they are a pain to deal with and poke a strainer bag and absorb too much to be worthwhile. Just grind up the smaller stems and let them soak and heat long enough in the oil then strain.

  18. Last year, i was blending 1 with fresh lime juice and coconut water.

  19. Mmmmmm hmmmm i do reckon id like me some biscuits and mustard!

  20. They even ate his poundcake man... and took his legal cash!

  21. that indoor corn is fire! Y'all don't tell nobody about it.

  22. Whitout a doubt, they have become very expensive though.

  23. If you cut the top off any tapered plastic bottle you can usually flip it over like a funnel and use the bottom as a reservoir. Wrap it in foil or craft paper to block light and you’re set.

  24. Yeah that's a nice way to reuse bottles. the thing is, I'm trying to buy as little plastics as I can so I don't have those at hand. I guess it's really weird and conflicting that I want to get into hydro and that I don't want to create more plastic trash at the same time.

  25. No it’s awesome! You just need to find a buddy that recycles and has a plastic stack you can raid! Then its a win/win/win! Put out a post on your local craigslist/nextdoor message board or even hitup a local recycling center. I think its great you “vote with your dollars” and dont want to support needlessly packaged plastic that never goes away. Maybe ask if anybody has old soda bottles or big kitty litter containers.

  26. Make it into a cool chair, table, birdhouse, community pantry or little library! Get creative and do something cool with it rather than risk some big plumbing bills!

  27. If it were an oak or anything like that, I would totally do this, but if you don’t obliterate Bradford pears to the last atom, they tend to come back like a hydra mixed with Deadpool/Wolverine

  28. Oh dang thats right, they are the most dastardly of trees! I would try it anyway it might turn out cool as an old gnarled battleground of a project stump. If it were me and I HAD to get rid of that thing then Id get a powerwasher and literally trench and dig w the powerwasher til the roots are clean and until i find that water line! Once you find the line you could prob get in with a multitool cutter and surgically cut the main roots wrapping the waterline. This is also a GREAT way to find old wires and cables in the ground without destroying them. Its a messy job though!

  29. Really rad setup! Those lights look amazing too and I saw you built them? Can you drop a link to some learning on that area or do you just have a very particular set of skills?

  30. Aww yeah! Looks really fantastic. Nice harvest, it’s early for us here so we are watching our indoor lettuce grow. Is this indoor or outdoor?

  31. Even more amazing! Looks like rainbow chard, some other lettuces and spinach?

  32. These hand painted buds ✅💯. Artwork!

  33. Nice haul! I want all those strains. And the slaps are all fire!

  34. Dank! My chickens only get apple cores and toast scraps. I bet they love it!

  35. I would think it would be fun to pop some old beans like that ‘02 bubblegum freebie once you get your setup dialed in and spinning like a top! Nice collection! That oldschool bubblegum was tits for sure!

  36. Oh bro that made me think I need to get in the jar and unroll the different baggies I have 2 different 5 packs from flavour chaser's that was costly and I'm very intrigued about popping some of them:) thank you growmie for the compliment:) it's really good to read something positive:) good vibes bro 🙏❤️👍

  37. Oh yeah brother! That ‘02 bubblegum made me smile and remember the one time i got the real deal back in highschool 🤣🙌. Let us know what you pop and how it goes!

  38. Search “airbnb arbitrage” on Youtube and you’ll hear all about it (from extremely biased grifters who misrepresent reality and are probably trying to sell you something)

  39. Yeah, OP really needs to research “airbnb aribtrage”, local city and state STR laws and regs/permit info availability, HOA approval, and then do a cost comparison after ball parking the cost to furnish whatever space before taking the leap.

  40. Take your bestie and go make some memories and have fun! The past is behind us.

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