1. big fan of the hot wire test in The Thing but specially the use of the eye gleam theory, there is so much amazing visual story telling in that film

  2. i would absolutely Love to see Alien or The Thing in theaters

  3. The Thing is playing at an art house theater near me in April with Keith David giving a Q&A after I'm freaking pumped

  4. so jealous 😭 im so infatuated w that film and seeing it on the big screen with a q&a too?? thats so cool

  5. I’m so sorry to hear that it broke :( you only have two options to one to glue it carefully using transparent superglue or try to search for someone who is selling his hair piece alone you can search in myfigurecollection, IG or yahoo auctions 😊

  6. you can also look for specific nendoroid parts on chibichopshop!

  7. i had the chance to see Pearl in theaters and i didnt, huge regret i love that film so much. 4.5/5

  8. slowdive and my bloody valentine, these are both popular artists but i think youd like them based on the fact that u listen to deathconsciousness (and have a nice life in general)

  9. I've listened to all those artists, but admittedly not as much as in other years. Nonetheless, thank you for reminding me of them because I'm going to revisit some of their stuff that I haven't listened to in a while!

  10. glad i could help you in that way, i love them all so much!

  11. finished this one a few weeks ago but i love it so much that i cant not mention it; Hannibal

  12. when you finish saving the world (Ziggy Katz)

  13. my favorite is Fargo but i do think that inside llewyn davis is phenomenal and very underrated

  14. yeah no ur 100% right with swiss army man, or maybe you could go oldschool and do evil dead 2 :P

  15. omg sick! so jealous, fucking love that movie

  16. harold and maude + oatstraw tea (bonus point if you have ginger pie on the side)

  17. oh yes 100000% omori or undertale, i still love the rich characters and story even after playing multiple times but theres nothing like the first time getting to know it all

  18. 1.) harold and maude, 2.) alien, 3.) perfect blue, 4.) little miss sunshine

  19. i am Obsessed with go go reigen, i wish it was on spotify

  20. ive seen some people in the comments say the birthday scene from Signs but i just wanna put forward the roof , pantry , and, cornfield search scenes from that film.

  21. one of the few films that has made me cry so hard that i couldn’t breathe, it is an amazing documentary and i recommend it very highly

  22. still havent seen the godfather, LOTR, or back to the future😭

  23. jordan peele, ive seen his 3 films multiple times and am a big fan of them all

  24. The Iron Giant is a very good film, while its marketed to kids its not overly childish or anything, i can confidently recommend it to all ages! its one of my favorites

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