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  1. Tyrone magnus is a little different. I remember discovering him as a depressed, 14-year-old in study hall, and him feeling like a genuine friend and someone who is genuinely happy. He does a lot of good film/movie/tv and toy reviews, and his content is genuine, especially if you’re struggling in life. It’s very easy to watch, and he makes you feel like he’s talking to you

  2. How can you call his reaction to the video genuine? It’s funny but he’s up out of his chair in hysterics

  3. Not this one, but very old ones from 2014-2016. Maybe I was just immature but I enjoyed them haha

  4. I believe they are like a high school JROTC program. Similar to Boy Scouts but they they have military structure and wear camouflage. In regards to what they do, I guess they help with Search and rescue on occasion. It is more of low level auxiliary branch of the US Air Force.

  5. Interesting, I’m going to have to do some research because this peaked my interest. Thank you for sharing, and I hope I wasn’t insulting

  6. Nope, peaked, because this is as far as my interest in this subject will go. Have a good night

  7. Yea because St. Louis actually dangerous not Chicago, Chicago is just big asl wit a lot of peoples but also corrupted asl while it so big

  8. That’s what I tell people. I feel MUCH safer when I move through Chicago than I ever have in STL. STL really is driving with the music down, no texting and driving, no AirPods, dressing down, etc. appreciate politicking with you

  9. My ppl used to stay out west in Chicago and they say it ain’t no joke. Too many gang wars. Are you from the north ? But yeah stl dangerous but it’s far froM a shithole

  10. His last name is Pinkman. I’m not saying, but I am saying it ends in -an…

  11. Jesseyal Pinkmian, we will take the entire South Caucusus back. Only Vartavar Whitian can lead us to glory.

  12. If he really getting money why he don’t just leave the block ?

  13. If he really getting money going out of state put two and two together. Ain’t hard to spot a Rico, the final evidence would be laying down 25k for a years rent in Cali

  14. I brought this up when von died and y’all roasted the shit out of me because “that’s y’all’s man” fuck off

  15. Dare him to shoot it and not hurt himself. Shit I’m tempting my opp if he got that, I KNOW he ain’t shooting that without wrecking his own shit

  16. Where can i check for owner density? I never thought we would come close to American density

  17. Austrian law allows firearm possession on shall-issue basis with certain classes of shotguns and rifles available without permit. With approximately 30 civilian firearms per 100 people, Austria is the 14th most armed country in the world.

  18. I knew it too after spending may-august of 2012 there. There’s not many countries I WANT to immigrate into from the US, yours is one

  19. i would agree but a lot of my folks from chicago and moved here

  20. Funny cause as polish people we went the other way. Started farming in Wisconsin generations ago, then needed to get closer to the city, then eventually Milwaukee wasn’t big enough and Chicago was where all the polish/ German people ended up that didn’t go to Wisconsin.

  21. And now we’re all trying to get out of the cities we moved to and back to northern Wisconsin😔

  22. Same. They don’t use a cast for broke wrists anymore. They mold a brace to fit

  23. I shattered my scaphoid and was in a cast for 7 months and had two surgeries djdjdjd

  24. Jokes on you, I’m a third generation Polish immigrant living in America with no actual culture!

  25. Is the w*est as horrible as is looks, you tretcherous dog?

  26. We have Wisconsin, so no, it’s not as treacherous as it looks, and some days your can trick yourself into thinking you’re in Bavaria

  27. I didn’t think Reddit could make me laugh this hard

  28. This same for me too. I just downloaded a couple songs bout a week ago. I needa peep his catalogue further and he jus got signed couple weeks ago too ?

  29. Does my boy Chevy have the coat of arms of Poland on his dome?

  30. Y’all got so many legends it make our Chicago scene look small no kizzy

  31. Svetlana and maybe Gabrielle Dante, who knows maybe even Dr. Melfi (in a weird way) purely because he had the least interaction surrounding crime, poor relationships, substance, etc. With those characters, and I genuinely cannot remember him ever expressing anger or having to check these characters. I view characters like Svetlana and Dr. Melfi as the neutral good of the sopranos. Extremely powerful characters that go through turmoil unrelated to Tony’s business or The Sopranos themselves, and that Tony clearly respects and admires. Perhaps the same could be said about Angie Bompensaro. If her husband hadn’t been a rat, and she had been in the business, she would have RAN it, no question.

  32. Only need a 1911 with one mag, it won two world wars you know

  33. “At this range, in this caliber? Even if I miss, I can’t miss”

  34. I think the best decision is to have Yb and Durk squash by having a boxing fight. Then after that the only beef left is between him and Tim/Quando. Since Yb not really involved he just dissin.

  35. Yb not involved in that. I'm saying Durk and Yb should box, and the rest can just be handled with Tim and Quando

  36. You’re really dumb and do not understand conflict resolution

  37. This risky. I almost caught a charge busting DEAs on a stupid substance called Ativan. Don’t bust scripts. There’s very few methods without an inside person nowadays.

  38. Nooooo not you was about to go to jail for some Ativan. That would have been embarrassing 😂😂😂😂😭😭

  39. That’s what I’m saying. I got addicted through it from chemotherapy and it just went downhill. I was only 20😂😂

  40. I worked at Giordanos for 2 years. This is Giordanos.

  41. If you got shot at, you wouldn’t shoot til you felt you were safe?

  42. This is a very fair point. But why wouldn’t he seek cover and reload after said battle?

  43. Hence why he should reload. Imagine his partner just seen him kilt and had a full clip while officer had none in his Glock?

  44. Terriers are what you get when you max out the 'Psychopathic tendencies' slider when designing a dog.

  45. Pro tip for all you terrier/ dachshund owners in snow season:

  46. Hopefully your mama don’t come down with that shit and hopefully ppl don’t make fun of her being bald headed after

  47. I’m a real life cancer survivor. Beat that shit at 17. I know how it go haha

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