Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. These types of women spend their youth trying to find a millionaire to take care of them then end up in their late 30s childless and alone with a little yorkie or cat they call fur baby

  2. Good kittay. He’s very patient. He could easily claw his way out of that but doesn’t

  3. This mfs Twitter handle is the shadow of her husband. How sad a life you must live not to have your own identity but instead identify as the wife of someone. She’s been groomed by the right just as they wanted

  4. You are fucking crazy if you think police wouldnt engage in a firefight with civilians if they initiate it.

  5. They wouldn’t stop a single person in a school. What makes you think they will engage in urban warfare with large groups of armed citizens?

  6. loose fit? he was in public, at a party, freaking out, then transported, in public, to a jail, which is also public.

  7. I believe in giving people the freedom to do what they want. Isn’t that what freedom is supposed to be?

  8. No bro, it’s not like “suicide by cop”. His intention wasn’t him dying, that was just a means of everyone getting salvation. And what you refer to are people who corrupt & pervert His message for their own gain. There’s plenty of people doing that in every religion, political party, or social movement.

  9. Cast no judgement onto others? Doesn’t that mean pro life groups should actually mind their business and let people live their lives without judging them? And surely God will deal with them when the time comes?

  10. Chase is a cop and he is often the solution. I don’t see how a little kid would view Chase as any other way but a good cop and therefore think of actual cops in a similar light.

  11. I get the copaganda part of it but I’m not sure how well they’re succeeding at it. My toddler loves paw patrol and chase, but he has explicitly expressed that he does not like police and that they are scary. Im not even sure where he got that fear because I shield him from a lot

  12. Yep these types of women exist. They go to the gym and essentially move in to an equipment station. Fuk everyone else waiting to use it

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