1. Also Tannis in borderlands and Symmetra in overwatch

  2. Every time something comes up about the S2000, I get mad, then sad about them. Honda, why did you stop making this?! Look how much they still go for. There's clearly a market.

  3. The market is people buying cars to make money off of them, not to drive them. Even today, people are still whining that the gr86 doesn't make enough power, and it's the highest revving sports car you can buy under 40k

  4. It's just as cool looking as the previous M2. You BMW freaks always say the new car looks horrible when all that BMW does is make a new design change, which they should be doing. The new M7 for example is an absolute monster, it is the best looking 7 series or M7 since a decade.

  5. I've literally never owned a BMW and even I still adorn the previous design over the current crop.

  6. Threads like these make me wonder why people keep buying German cars. I get it they drive great, look great, status symbol, but hot damn are they unreliable garbage.

  7. Because they're just fine when new, and people buying them new tend to sell them in order to upgrade just before they start having problems.

  8. Saturn Aura. Specifically the XR with the 3.6. The other drivetrains are fine. If you want your car to be reliable in any sense, get anything but the 3.6. I actually did religious oil changes on mine, so I never had any major failures, but it was still a headache to deal with. Bad pullies, premature sparkplug and coilpack failures on multiple occasions, oil burning, purge valves dropping like flies, etc... also the Ford sourced 6 speed automatic as the icing on the cake. Loved to randomly slip between shifts for no apparent reason. They had a knack for bad wave plates. Could have replaced them with a soggy waffle for a more durable replacement. It's too bad, because that powertrain is really fantastic to drive when it's working properly. 3.6 engines sound fantastic with a proper exhaust.

  9. I have had my car stop at flashing yellow lights.

  10. I've had mine stop at green lights, but that's because I pressed the brake pedal for a deer

  11. seems most people in the beta dont realize they are in a beta.

  12. Whats worse is people that aren't even in the beta don't realize they're in the beta. They're factors in the FSD beta, whether it sees them or crashes into them! That infuriates me

  13. They'll likely have the cameras integrated into the side mirror as they already do on their current products over here

  14. Never understood why everyone talked up wagons as being as exotic as super cars, as if every single one of those wagons was an RS6 Avant or a Callaway Corvette. They were either usually this, a Toyota Camry, or a Saturn SW2, at least in the 90s lol

  15. It's actually kinda happening already. Take a look at the Hyundai Kona and IONIQ 5, 2023 Lexus RX, Kia EV6, Chevy Bolt, etc... They're all working on "miminizing" their profile in the name of efficiency.

  16. St. Cloud exhaust broke off of Tim's custom exhaust based in Coon Rapids. They use Magnaflow, and Flowmaster mufflers. Both American made. Never been to st cloud exhaust, but tims custom exhaust still does great work

  17. Literally the only Japanese brand that doesn't sell fleet is honda, idk where he got that lol

  18. Hey guys, this genius stole my post from almost a decade ago. Take a look at my post history.

  19. Nah, AMD actually understands that proprietary good things are bad things, unlike some other GPU manufacturers (cough cough nvidia dlss and gsync) and almost everything AMD makes works on other stuff too

  20. It's more of a situation of not really being the top dog (yet) in graphics and kinda having to make their software open to attract a bigger base

  21. They actually first hit it with the GTX 690, but yeah the Titan was the first single chip card for a grand

  22. Even as a current 3080 owner, I thought I'd have more to look to than just Portal RTX. This is just depressing. The amount of excitement I had for the 30 series cards during the announcement vs 40 series is night and day. I couldn't believe the performance per dollar that the 30 series (was supposed to have) had! I can't believe it for 40 series either, but in the exact opposite way of the 30 series.

  23. I haven't played this game online in forever and a half. Is the net code still trash? Most all I can recollect of online in that games is absurdly frequent disconnects, as well as missiles and orbs being almost impossible to deflect and dodge because the cross hair arrow on your back was so inaccurste

  24. The original ITR was known for a high revving NA motor, double wishbones, and a raw experience. The new Type R/Type S will deliver on none of those.

  25. That old formula would not sell well these days. There's a reason Honda doesn't build high revving NA motors anymore. Just look at all the people moaning and groaning about the Toyobaru twins not being turbo. It revs pretty high now and is decently quick for its setup and yet, its not enough.

  26. I don't know if I'd put it between an Si and a type R, as a slider like that would just be to general of a way do describe the profile of the car. Power and Acceleration wise, I'd expect this to be on par with the Type R, maybe even marginally surpassing it. Ride quality and livability will be better, so it'll sacrifice a bit of handling to do so. It's a bit more complicated than just plotting it between two civics imho

  27. I've noticed this in more recent manual Hondas. It's like they do ZERO tuning for the manual model and just slap their automatic car throttle mapping on the stick cars. For example, prev gen V6 automatic accords were smooth and swift in Acceleration, but the same engine with a stick is so rev happy that it's much more ideal to just drive it in eco mode to just save your clutch life.

  28. Likely misspelled that way unironically at an alarming rate lol

  29. Holy shit dude are you really that paranoid of bmw problems where did you even get a thermal camera

  30. THIS comment is the top one on this thread? I generally avoid belitting people but you and your upvoters are really fucking daft if you think someone bought a run of the mill thermal camera for amateurely diagnosing their recent model car

  31. It's interesting that the 2000 model year is considered new in the car show world.

  32. Apart from infotainment, this car was ahead of its time. 2 liter turbo with DI, making for the highest BHP per liter for its time, and that's without the GM performance tune

  33. I don’t know about the sky bit, but this is the CCP we’re talking about here.

  34. So you're adopting the CCP's guilty until proven innocent methodology? Bold move.

  35. China is surprisingly transparent when it comes to incidents like these.

  36. I would still love me a convertible IS, despite it being a wee bit less regular than these

  37. I don’t understand why, though; it’s not something I ever viewed as a special or prestige brand

  38. Doesn't have to have a fancy badge to be interesting.

  39. More like follow your dept mops/sops that say stop and clear the intersection when you have a red light/stop sign. Probably on the way to some bs medical too….

  40. It should not have even happened to begin with of course, but better for it to happen on a false alarm as opposed to having two disabled and damaged trucks for a working fire

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