1. Fully believe that he was expecting Stanley to jump but it should’ve been a free kick at the time as well. Glad it’s just a fine because the Pitto combo has to be our game plan from now on.

  2. Definately agree. We are a much better side with pitto and tdk swapping.

  3. I have M1/16/256 with external 1TB for expansion and another external 1TB for Time Machine. Some apps (including Xcode) can be run from the external drive, while others have to be in the Macintosh HD. Since I only play with code at home, it doesn’t matter if I eject it all to take my MBA on the road.

  4. How does your M1 go? I was thinking the macbook air with an m2 16 and 256. And getting an external drive for anything large. Most of my files will be in drive or Dropbox etc. 500+ gb ssd in AUS with m2 and 16 is about 2500$. So was going to cut back the ssd. Is there a big difference between M1 and m2? Always get confused with the websites etc

  5. Amazing the difference between wild and hand nurtured.

  6. My mum used the same mousetrap a few years ago. Managed to catch only two mice. The first one that got caught was when my mum thought the trap didn't kill mice so she showed it as a victory and went to let it out in the backyard expecting it to run away. The second one was when we were watching the TV and heard a snap. I got up to check it and found it's eye bulged out and part of it's skull crushed, leaving a splatter on the wall.

  7. Yea I want to humanely snap his neck. Not paint the wall red

  8. Yes he did. I killed the mouse an hour later with a different trap. Man 1. Mouse 0

  9. Yep sun burn. Don't put it in the sun straight away after repotting. Be stressed enough from the repot

  10. I think pc like a bit more sun. Mine get 10 plus per day. They don't like the hot though when they're rooting in my opinion. I had some small pups with some roots in the sun. Watered weekly, and they still looked shrivelled. Moved them into the shade with 5 or 6 hours of morning sun and they plumped right up. Then got stretchy lol

  11. That one on the left is amazing. Like a rainbow shimmering through glass

  12. Id of the right one? I really like that one

  13. Could it be that the off shoot is being favoured by the scion?

  14. I wondered that too tbh. There was one coming from the base too which I removed. I have a myrtillo vari mons on pc that suddenly stopped growing. Only to find 2 pups push through the soil. They were 2 inches long at the roots. Since they've been removed and the graft repotted the scion has started pumping along.

  15. Pereskiopsis can be grown in soil that always stays moist, provided it is growing. While in growth, I never let my pereskiopsis' soil go dry; I've only lost plants to rot when watering too soon after repotting. Even lightly watering in winter hasn't killed a plant yet.

  16. I got it as a freebie from a fella who I think was clearing space. I think it was neglected a bit so I guess it could be all of the above.

  17. Yes Steven Marshall is well discussed in the back halls of SA parliament to be camp as fuck

  18. I'd believe that. He is very camp. But why Ollie wines? Haven't heard him being gay

  19. Preuss should be fine, that was in no way his fault.

  20. Cotchin will get a kiss on the dick to say sorry for wasting his time being reported, and to collect 200 dollars and to go straight to go

  21. DeGoey is gone for at least 1 week - the head does hit the ground even if the shoulder hits first, there is a slinging action and he is holding the arm that prevents Reeves from protecting himself.

  22. I think your spot on there mate. Not sure why the down votes. Except cotchin is a dirty cunt and his act is the worrse look of all for the league. The 2 tackle are physical unmalicous tackles. Cotchin is not a football action and is just dirty

  23. Ah religion. The basis of all evil. Your husband is an abusive lier. Leave him immediately and leave the church.

  24. Yep. It's what I imagine heroin to be like

  25. As a claims manager in insurance in the biggest company Australia wide, I can confirm we will only cover the cost to identify where the leak occurred (“exploratory costs”), along with the cost to reinstate what we damaged looking for the leak. We will not cover the costs to repair the resultant damages from the leak. This all falls under the same event as “escape of liquid”, whether it’s a burst pipe or not. If it’s not escape of liquid (unlikely in this circumstance), and it isn’t determined as ingress from a weather event, it will likely be declined as maintenance/building defects. We’ll hire everyone needed to identify the point of water ingress. Just a heads up, if we identify maintenance in a claim, we will 100% note that down on your policy, and it will be required to be rectified at your own cost prior to future claims. I strongly recommend you read your Product Disclosure Statement prior to claiming.

  26. What's the point of insurance if this type of accident isn't claimable? This amount of damage is not a slow leak. It has gone between several floor joists. This pipe has burst I'd say.

  27. You're obviously millionaires. Just build a new one of you hate this one?

  28. Clipsal psma smoke alarms are notoriously shit. All any decent electrician and they will say the same. You need to get a brooks branded smoke alarm installed. They are bullet proof.

  29. It could be a minor case of root rot. The soil looks a little rich for cactus. I'd recommend repotting after adding more perlite or pumice to the soil, about 50/50 perlite/soil. Its also probably a good idea to let the plant dry out for a day or two after its been removed from the pot. Or another possibility could be sunburn on the variegation if those brown spots were yellow beforehand. Variegated areas are less resistant to the sun.

  30. Definately not root rot. I unspotted it and removed the pups. Biggest was 2 inches long! Only green ontop. So I'll pot them up next week and see how they go. Guy I got it from said looks like light/sun burn. Was very organic soil that's for sure. I didn't see any perlite or sand when I removed from the pot. I'll use my own mix when I repot it for sure. Rocks sand and perlite will be addedd

  31. I've started collecting viynl records and collecting cactus and euphorbias. I've now started growing cactus from seed. I'm collecting cactus that I like in the hope I'll be able to get my own seeds and grow them from seed to sell.

  32. Sub main be 50+meters. At that distance probably 10 or 16mm cable for volt drop. Probably 6 or 7 bucks per meter for the cable.

  33. Excavator cost you 1000 bucks a day. So 4k for the rest is reasonable.

  34. What can fix inflation: Reduced demand, most likely via higher interest rates. Or increase of supply for some things.

  35. I feel like the only people that higher interest rates really effects are young families. And it seems to really fuck them. Doesn't seems to have any effect to young teenagers living at home or their parents who outright own their house

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