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  1. 3 years ago today, was the start of my last bender after work! Wednesday to Sunday I was off so I was drunk the entire time.

  2. Right on homie. I remember my last bender like it was yesterday, even down to the last beer and what time i stopped. It's pretty wicked, congrats on the 3 years!

  3. Ah I got anxiety just reading it, and only because this has happened to me a bunch. So sorry, I promise it gets better.

  4. Damn homie that must have been hard to get out. I'm almost there as well.

  5. Yeah it was a solid deal I got it for 35 bucks from a sale. It slaps for sure!

  6. cool, a similar phenomenon can be observed with ants, called

  7. Your Royal Highness: we are very pleased to me you. May we kiss the paw?

  8. She is definitely a princess. She reigns down both front paws on my back when she's hungry in the morning.

  9. Oh my goodness. Linda is gorgeous. Her eyes are so bright and shiny. She has the sweetest expression. I want to boop the little pink nose. And she just looks so soft and fluffy.

  10. Thanks! That's such a nice way to describe her haha. She's definitely the sweetest gal

  11. Maybe try with the filter on the other end? I am left handed and roll with the filter on the left. Other than that it's not too bad homie, practice makes perfect.

  12. Of course. You got your previous job while drinking, imagine what you could do sober!

  13. There's nothing to be proud of for showing up hungover/still drunk, or throwing up in your office trash can. Not the flex you think it is. Op, take this advice with a grain of salt.

  14. Everyday if you want homie. I would celebrate every 10 days, up to 100. Then weeks, months, etc. Good on you for 54 days. I remember 56 and just how clear shit was. Stay up!

  15. I don't think that would happen if your bong isnt terribly thin glass, I have a pretty cheap bong (Got it a little cheaper but goes for like €40/50 usually, pretty much cheapest bong that works with a slide and looked like It wasn't too crappy) Its not really thicc at all but not too thin either. I always do a quick clean before every session by shaking the yucky shit out with some hot water, then rinse it with as hot water as possible from the tap for 15 seconds or so, then turn the water to cold and keep it going till the glass feels cold again, never had any issues with this

  16. Is that the extremeq? If so, how do you like it?

  17. It's the newer version of the extremeq. I love it, it's definitely changed how I smoke now

  18. How much does it take to fill the glass bowl? I use a Mighty right now and it has SIGNIFICANTLY cut down on how much I use! Vaporizers amaze me.

  19. Hmm In the picture there was maybe .3g but that was excessive for this. I also bought the ddave mod that isn't shown but today I weighed out .04g and elbow packed the screen. it's insane how much less I'm buying and using. The amount in an average bong rip can be used with this set up and you could be good for a looong time.

  20. It’s just so much cleaner, it takes some getting used to the difference at first. But if you get a decent setUp from jump street you’ll never look back. The flavor is intense, when you first switch. Do the research and get off that fence! Lol

  21. I found vaping never gives me that couch lock where I feel like a potato. "Heavy" if that makes sense. I don't know, I'm stoned.

  22. One stem a day. It's wild hoe efficient they are. I had to stop buying ounces.

  23. Me too! It's weird buying 3.5s, but it kind of opens you up more to more crafty type flower! And cheaper haha

  24. Yooo I remember you when I first got sober! Pumped you're doing good my guy. Stay up!

  25. You had me sleeping on a pee-stained couch?

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