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  1. Yeah I’ve noticed this as well. Wellbutrin is a bit of an “upper” and in my experience makes me much less inhibited conversation-wise and just more prone to laughter/giggly. I know that’s not everyone’s experience but it could definitely be a contributing factor. His Tourette twitches have also seemed to worsen since he started it.

  2. Ethan is the only person I've heard of having a so-called Good experience with Wellbutrin. I've tried it twice and both times I went a little crazy. My friend was on it and she had to be hospitalized. His tourettes twitches seem to be more active too.

  3. I cancelled too!! I had the same problem. I was getting so angry.. It took like a half hour but, I got it cancelled.

  4. She may be a stray but, she is very close to you.

  5. From this box variation and the last few. I am done....quit with boxycharm. Last box. Don't want all of this dumb skincare. My skin is sensitive!!!

  6. It is one of the most versatile items in the box. I was surprised how well it worked with my fair complexion.

  7. I would not use it. Mold spores are deeper than what is shown at surface level, and it’s just not worth damaging your eyes or the possible urgent care visit.

  8. Contact customer service and see if they will send you another one. You paid for should expect things not to be moldy.

  9. she changed both her race and her age...

  10. The two I see are beautiful...Here's a hug for them.

  11. This article is for coming in June.

  12. I quit buying add-ons till they deliver Aprils add-ons.

  13. I think I got this box too. We'll have to wait and see :)

  14. Everyone else has answered your question-but I just want to tell you something I wish someone had told me when I was new to boxy!

  15. Thank you so much for the information. I will keep track of my purchases and I've ordered things on the 8th an still have no tracking info on the 8th...

  16. I ordered on the 1st day(8th) and I still have not gotten notifications.

  17. Same here..i was just wondering if they shipped the stuff out after the Popup Sale...Last time I got my popup stuff before, my box.

  18. I have a dream about a city too. I have dreams in this setting most of the time. The city is familiar. They are HUGE buildings that you can get lost in but, they are in a mixture of my home town of Norfolk/Virginia Beach and Oakland Bay Area. I am either flying over the city getting lost or can't land where I wanna land or I get lost in a building. I even have oversized trains in my dreams too. I can write a book about about this setting.

  19. Both of my glambags are stuck in DHL sorting center again. I honestly think the reason why I quit getting ipsy a couple of years ago is because, of how irritating DHL is. No reliable shipping information.

  20. I’m still waiting on my December 😂

  21. Contact Customer Service that ridiculous amount of time to wait.

  22. No one at my house has ever requested something like this which is why I'm hella confused?? So either IPSY or DHL told them which seems whack to me?

  23. It's the post office and I think they are just not caring about anything anymore. My sister-in-law sent a package for my daughter and they mailed it to my ex's parents instead. We live a couple of blocks from each other. USPS lost my Ipsy bag last month too and Ipsy replaced it for me. But, I can't blame Ipsy for the craziness going on. I hope you get your bags soon. Contact CS they are great...

  24. The post office USPS has been horrible this Christmas season. I am not only having the same message as you are sleepy_pickle for my bag. I got a strange message with ULTA and a package I bought for my daughter. Crazy stuff!!

  25. The regular glam bags are better quality But, the stuff you get in Plus is full sizes. I use the bags to hold tampons in them.

  26. I love the Sims 2, I think they should just remake it..LOL!!

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