1. Something a manipulative cult leader would say

  2. Even more annoying when the screens in the trains themselves don't even know where they're at...

  3. I can't believe virologists study viruses, this is damning

  4. Much prefer this than the other one tbh

  5. People of faith need to understand freedom of speech is a thing in some countries, if you don't like it then leave

  6. Hairy legs, forearms, chest and bellies have always been a huge turn on for me =3

  7. Feels like we already got a Madonna biopic via the 2022 instant classic, "Weird."

  8. Yea it was pretty revealing the insane things she put Al through when they were together, may he rest in peace

  9. Al the Weird?? He’s alive! I can’t follow…

  10. Elvis being nominated so often feels like a repeat of Bohemian Rhapsody, what an obnoxious film. Wanted to see more appreciation for The Whale but apparently a decent amount of critics and industry folks labeled it as "fat-phobic" and i guess it shows with the noms. Just relieved and glad the Brendan and makeup noms got in there.

  11. Exactly what I was thinking, I couldn't make it through that film it was so cheesy and over the top

  12. Feel like it'd be boring to be an actor but only act in roles like your true self

  13. I live by myself in the heart of Seattle and live comfortably making 60k, wtf is this person talking about

  14. How does it taste? If you find it a bit too bitter I'd go a bit coarser on your grind

  15. Wow, that pose, those eyes, that tan. This is breathtaking, I even got goosebumps

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