1. Aw he is precious! I love that collar as well, where did you get it? Or what brand?

  2. Aw looks just like my baby when I brought her home & it didn’t take long for her to assert her dominance either. Congrats on your new owner, I mean your new cat 🥰

  3. RIP Missy, may she have fun yelling and playing with other meezers over the rainbow bridge 💕

  4. Does Jack love head kisses? My baby can’t get enough of em

  5. Yes he does 😍 he’s super cuddly and loves patting, kissing and snuggling

  6. Sounds just like my baby girl. I want to get another meezer but I’m scared my Nahla won’t like having another kitty around because she loves my attention so much.

  7. Ehh, I’m the one thankful every day when I wake up and can’t get up because he’s sleeping on my legs lol.

  8. Yes siamese are one of the most loyal cats imo. They cling to you, you are home. They never let go

  9. Mine is a Ham Junkie. I can't make a sandwich without tossing him a tribute otherwise he tries to take off with whole sandwich

  10. Yep she is the same way. Got an Italian sub from jimmy johns 2 days ago and she was trying to pick the ham off of it lol

  11. I know! Her eyes aren’t normally crossed so this really brought out her inner meezer 💕

  12. I’d much rather see blush over done a bit than dirt colored contour or bronzer smeared all over someone. I don’t mind this look one bit & im jealous she can pull off pink shadow. Every time I try it looks like I’m diseased... think it’s bc my eyes are green/blue.

  13. I got everything I didn’t want except the toner, which now I don’t even know if I should keep. I love MannyMUA but I really wanted the Farmacy and the ND blush.

  14. Got the same box & feeling the same way. I only wanted the toner. I am really disappointed. I wanted farmacy & stila. I’ve already gotten that stupid too faced gloss, in another color I don’t use & wrote a bad review on it. Life’s a drag kinda sucks for me. I don’t like bright colors & the neutrals in that are so basic I have 10 other palettes with the same colors.

  15. 💕💕 this is how I feel about my meezer as well. I’m glad you’ve found your happiness, they truly are amazing animals.

  16. Happy birthday, Bowie! You’re puuuurfect!

  17. Would never know he was that old 💕 he’s very handsome! Lucky you, I hope I get to enjoy my baby for that many years or more as well!

  18. Omg I wish I could record my cat & play this video at the same time. She started going crazy, eyes wide, pawing at my phone, and meowing trying to assist Kai! 😻 I love a good talk with my meezer too

  19. Didn’t sound all that bad for a Florida man until you realize the girl was only 15...

  20. My Siamese wears that expression nearly constantly lol. If he’s not sleeping it’s constant fear of everything, always He’s such a doop

  21. She’s not fearful of much, that’s her attack face... cute but deadly haha

  22. I even start doing this when I'm just staying home for a while. For a few days or weeks it's fun to be able to stay in my PJs all day, but after a while I realize I'm just sitting in my own filth and it feels way better to take the time to dress semi-decently and brush my hair at least.

  23. Agreed. Now that all my classes have moved to online I still have to get up and do my usual morning routine & sit at a desk (not in bed) to get anything done. Otherwise it’s just procrastination central

  24. I personally think the look is great! If people are comfortable and happy with what they are wearing they will be more enthusiastic about working. Team borts

  25. May I ask if you live in a warmer climate? Those babies are so white! Mine got soo brown.

  26. It’s such a fascinating thing how their color changes!! My baby was white more or less when I got her other than her mask and toes... she is now very “toasted”

  27. Omg I would love to wake up to this. I’ve already told my boyfriend when I graduate I’m setting up a Siamese sanctuary lol I want at least 5... after owning a meeze I don’t see how you could want any other cat

  28. That face says “I took a piece (or 2) and I’m proud”

  29. Omg that gave me the chills. I always hated the feeling of wet wood like that. Especially on

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