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  1. It’s illegal to park unregistered or non-operational vehicles on the road long term. Call parking enforcement.

  2. Where do they store the PNO vehicle when they come back and park? To me, they might as well just get rid of the PNO and park where they would store the PNO…

  3. They’ll park the PNO in the middle of a section of the street that can only fit 2 cars, taking both spaces. Then they just move it backwards or forwards and park their other car in the other space.

  4. Lol, my gay cousin moved from Chicago to Raleigh just recently.

  5. Is there a reason why you’re including that your cousin is gay? Genuinely curious, and hope your cousin has a community there <3 A couple friends just moved to NC, so it seems like a safe area.

  6. Because you think if you were gay you move to a state that at least treats you like a human/have a higher population who sees you as you rather than as a sin (NC). I'm sure there are pockets of NC that are safe.

  7. Thank you, I’m rather privileged as a Californian, and I will do some research on Chicago and Raleigh.

  8. It sucks because I’ll sit at my computer 9am-11pm in order to get 5 hours of work done. I can’t just clock out at 5pm, because I count “productive hours” to make sure it is a full work day (and so tasks do not build up over days).

  9. Ms. Mo's awesome! I took 401 and 402 with zero knowledge but learned a lot in that class. Highly recommended!

  10. From a grand over-arching perspective, it's part of China's nation-building project. If you are trying to project the image of a nation-state to your neighbors, framing minority languages as dialects is a good way to create the appearance of internal homogeneity. Likewise, it's politically advantageous in the pursuit of centralized authority if minority cultures/languages aren't viewed on equal footing as the majority one.

  11. There’s also a lot of ignorance / racism in the west that flattens China into a monolithic entity. It would be as if all of Europe is “just white” and all European languages is “speaking European.”

  12. That's true. But that's why I framed my response as an over-arching perspective. You'll note that I never actually claimed that China was culturally or linguistically monolithic— rather, that the idea of being a cultural monolith has historically been a political device employed by the state as a suggestion of might to its neighbors, allies, and rivals— and of prestige/authority to various internal political factions.

  13. Oh I totally agree with you, just wanted to add my $0.02 to the conversation :)

  14. Do you have other tips / structure for studying languages with ADHD?

  15. My language skills really don’t come from classes. I learned English through anime, YouTube and reading books. I learned most of my Japanese during my year abroad. Currently, I’m majoring in Japanese Studies, but the stuff I lear there is very hard to retain.

  16. Ooh I’d love book recommendations! Currently watching anime to practice Japanese, but I have a hard time processing audio - reading and writing is actually how I improved my English :)

  17. Dude I get this once in a while too. Like--what? Ok? Good one?

  18. Mine is "they really have to explosively diarrhea and oh god it's already starting."

  19. The other person is a woman. A trans woman misgendered as drag queen. Hope we can give her all the respect moving forward!

  20. I truly wish your theory was true but not quite applicable in LA. Your theory assumes that demand caps out. There are so many foreigners/people from other states with money who would love to own something in LA either because they like it here and/or they need somewhere to park their money. Literally, the British prime minister has property in Santa Monica. Unless we can disincentivize the rich from buying their second/third/20th homes in LA, there is no limit to demand for property in LA. In turn, people who can only afford a lower mortgage are turning to the outskirts of LA to buy.

  21. Would it be possible to require buyers to live here, something that doesn’t allow people outside of LA to park their money?

  22. I don’t know how it would be regulated. I’ve heard it used to be a lot harder to buy property if someone didn’t have an SSN which I think is good. Not that it be would completely deter people. The thing is the people we are trying to deter are the same people with $$$ and an army of lawyers to get what they want.

  23. I agree with all your points. Someone mentioned owner-occupied homes, which is what I had in mind!

  24. I was making a list and forgot what else to add lol, will edit it to add more later

  25. I got diagnosed a 2 months ago and I’m still trying medication. I had to wait a month in between drugs because Ritalin caused a lot of tics that just wouldn’t fully go away (I have tics, but not as frequent as this medication was making me have them).

  26. Dang, I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t work, and hope you find the right fit soon.

  27. Wait why is this an ADHD thing? Is nothing about me original?

  28. Yes, it’s all I can think about when it happens! Like I want to cut the sleeves off, and I also notice it on other people.

  29. Does it maintain privacy? Can you remain anonymous and just speak to the person?

  30. The website asks for a LOT of personal information. I signed up in August and was never approved.

  31. OP did this in August, I’m still “waiting for approval.”

  32. I worked in Taiwan for a year in a company that makes commercials and other creative contents. The content that can be possibly created here is mostly really dry and conservative. That is the reason why I’m looking elsewhere.

  33. It’s dry and conservative for everyone starting out. If you’re lucky, it will take you years in the industry to get the experience and connections to work with more creative people, and MONEY to make the creative content. It’s a business.

  34. Definitely focus on stroke order while you are studying the vocab in context. Contextualizing is very important, and for me putting in effort in making the characters look good and writing them correctly also helps remembering them. I dont know if your vocab is from a certain method or book but you can search if someone else already made flashcards for it on Quizlet or Anki. :) Good luck!!

  35. Can you provide an example of your approach? Example: each time the word comes up on Anki, do you pause to write it in a sentence ?

  36. I make myself a protein smoothie in the morning: banana, protein powder, oat milk, frozen spinach.

  37. Or my joke is only funny to me, and I spend the rest of the time fixating on why no one laughed :(

  38. Because they’re missing the joke, don’t worry about it! Their loss! Move on and so long as no one thinks you’re laughing AT them, you’re going to be just fine!

  39. The issue isn’t the translation, the issue is people have an idea/word that want tattooed in a completely different cultural context/language.

  40. Same. Everything gets quiet and calm and I know just what to do. I have literally saved human lives because of this. And then afterwards I break down sobbing. But in the moment, it’s pretty cool.

  41. Problem solving, doing multiple tedious things at once when I want to get it done - e.g. laundry, dishes, and cooking

  42. When I actually start dishes and laundry, I get hyper focused bc I treat it as a problem to solve or a mini game:

  43. Can you share the window mesh used, and filter for heater/AC vents?

  44. I literally cried on Monday after arguing with my psychiatrist, and finally getting medication prescribed.

  45. I would love if Lady Liberty HK had the same or more press. Made by a Chinese artist activist, specifically for the Tiananmen Square massacre that he protested in, and who the CCP is continuing to harass and threaten. The artist of Shame is a European man who made this for sites around the world.

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