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  1. One of my LGS was broken into last year or so and the thieves (being the low IQ mouth breathers they are) stop action figures, t-shirts and other merchandise and left all cards in the display cases, even the ones that are graded and clearly marked with the prices. The thieves in this post knew exactly what to go after. Huge shame for the LGS, hopefully insurance is helpful.

  2. Arguably graded cards would be hard to move because they are more readily identifiable, action figures and merch can be easily ebayed

  3. You keep bringing up the delusion in your brain, I get it. Get help, man.

  4. And before you claim I got permanent banned, I didn’t, this account is still active

  5. Elon Musk has created a lot of actually working technology. I doubt it will be like the Roomba. I get what you are saying. But he landed a rocket on its end. They could've landed it like a plane but they chose the harder method and made it work. I'm sure he will produce a good product.

  6. You know self landing rockets go back nearly 50 years

  7. Except that they don't exist and never did until SpaceX?

  8. Lol when you feel the need to comment on my post frequency its Totally Normal. But when I notice you begging randoms on reddit to notice you it's stalking. I addressed your original comment and you still can't formulate an actual argument. Is Blueunitzero the name of your support group for people with traumatic brain injury?

  9. HeY gUiSe! AfTeR I CrAwLeD ThRoUgH hIS HiStOrY I iNsuLtEd HiM!!! Lololololol!!! ImSo ClEvEr!!!

  10. So you have evidence the stolen secrets were on a desk next to his passports? How do you know they weren't in one of the boxes?

  11. Nah you’re just desperate to say Orange man bad at any possible chance

  12. Ive always been partial to [[thieves auction]] but it usually leads to people scooping

  13. Okay, but he says "let's try the other side" like he expects different results somehow?

  14. Cody says things like that instead of saying something like ‘to prove I’m not propping it up’ he’s a just a very genuine wholesome person

  15. Overwhelmed as in not enough cops to be everywhere during the big influx of people that took them by surprise. Big protest, requires their presence to keep the peace. Still burdened with all their other responsibilities. You cannot be stuck on this, I don't believe it.

  16. “This is why I’m amazed affirmative action takes race into account” because racial division keeps people from working with each other and cause further poverty

  17. If you want a look at how middle aged black women treat black teens in the hood, this is it.

  18. And sometimes it’s even in the white communities, one of my ex gf’s own mother threw her out at 16 whe she got her stepdad jailed for raping her, her mother’s sister even testified in court that he tried the same with her too, to this day the mother still blames the daughter for him being in prison

  19. The "1" refers to heroin, the "f" is short of Fentanyl. If you ever see "bump" that's referring to cocaine. These terms are often used by bigoted online trolls, even hacker sites such as 4chan, to speak in complex dialects and codes to confuse newer users on what their actually saying.

  20. Remember leftists whining about Elon's $40 billion for Twitter claiming the money could "end world hunger" (it can't, not even close...for one because people aren't starving because of a global lack of food...yet)?

  21. Remember how he said he would pay for any plan that outline what would be happening with the money? People are angry at him for wanting to see where the funding was going, not at the people who refused to outline a plan

  22. Yeah, and she will be fine, because she is vaccinated.

  23. Probably will be fine because the current variants are very weak compared to the original

  24. Ooooooooo I hope this happens to Pfizer. I have puts on them and would make bank when the price tanks.

  25. Again. Do whatever you need in order to avoid facing simple reality

  26. Like bringing up people that are not required for the current discussion? Very well DAMN YOU TOM BRADY!!!!!!

  27. Again. Doing everything in your power to miss the larger point because it keeps you safe. And you're afraid of thinking

  28. If I missed the point maybe it’s because you didn’t have one? My comment was meant to poke fun at how cops always say ‘if you didn’t do anything wrong then you shouldn’t be afraid of anything’ not sure how trump has anything to do with it but let’s try it your way.

  29. It happens to my cock too, I put in some moist warm flesh and I get relief, you could put your nipples in my mouth, it might help?

  30. Oh holy shit look at that, the left redefining and manipulating definitions yet again to create hate and division and control people

  31. This is an archived version of a page from 2009:

  32. Odd how homophobia is the only phobia I could find that forces in discrimination , every other phobia just states it as a irrational fear. Funny how that works, even Achondroplasiaphobia, the fear of little people, just says it’s an irrational fear, doesn’t shoehorn in discrimination……. Funny how it’s only discriminations against certain things but the same suffix doesn’t have discrimination in the definition for all the things it’s used with…… odd

  33. But it’s not at all and no cultural group ever emerged from a common ideology. Look at the summer of peace after George Floyd…..did they burn down the country because of liberal ideology or because black racial grievances. You are trying to be too smart here.

  34. Considering how many white people were doing the burning and how many black people were called Uncle Tom for speaking against it, I’d say the damage and destruction was definitely along ideological lines

  35. Bruh keep telling yourself lies, anything to not have to face the reality that race is real

  36. Please quote me where I said race wasn’t real, I’ll wait

  37. Wonder how many of your covid conspiracy theories didn’t come true. Weren’t we all supposed to need covid passports to leave the house by now?

  38. So because the passports didn’t actually happen then that magically means they didn’t try right? Oh wait there were many instances of passports being attempted and luckily it was stopped, one group was even pushing for micro chipping. The point is many people predicted that they would try to force passports but since it was stopped you pretend that the attempt never even happened. You know exactly what you’re doing, twisting words and intents again

  39. That’s wrong. If this is actually an active shooter situation they are supposed to go in even the first person by themselves hopefully a partner to stop the threat and stop the killing.

  40. This is the disconnect between social desire and actual word of law.

  41. What the fuck are you talking about…?

  42. An impeachment is an ACCUSATION not a conviction you are acting like trump being impeached means he was guilty of those things. He was not. The impeachment was just a time wasting show of force to manipulate people like you into hating him.

  43. Ok agree with it or don’t, the fact is he was impeached. The house voted to impeach, the Senate acquitted him. It doesn’t nullify the impeachment. As to if he’s guilty or not of course he’s guilty, we have it on tape both times. I understand you think it was a big waste of time and all that but the process is called impeachment and he was impeached, so I don’t know what else to tell you.

  44. There was a guilty verdict? Please link to a guilty verdict followed by him being removed from office.

  45. I wonder if its the same for an old revolver like that.

  46. Unless you are using a custom made match pistol with a super light trigger, what wannabe said isn’t true for any weapon, new or old

  47. Trump had the White House, the FBI, and the DOJ for 4 years. And all he got was Epstein killed in a federal (not state) facility. And oh yeah he also hired Alex Acosta who bailed out Epstein and wished Ghislane “good luck” with her trial.

  48. Again nothing to do with my original point. Thank you for playing “how can this leftie spin thing this time?” Try again tomorrow

  49. You would have credibility if Trump did anything about it. You have less credibility because Trump actually hired Alex Acosta.

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