1. Brother’s bond from Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley is pretty good.

  2. I actually really like this! I bought it because I thought it was funny but I’ve since bought like 3 more bottles!

  3. I think at this point the best thing for Britney is for us to stop reporting everything she says or does. Obviously she has issues, but the vibe I get from the reporting on her is that they want us to think that releasing her from the conservatorship was a mistake. Britney doesn’t have to be likable for me to believe that she deserves the right to full personal and bodily autonomy. It’s so sickening to me how quickly public opinion turned on her once they realized she wasn’t gonna be the perfect victim.

  4. To be fair, if literally any of the pop singer girlies made a post tearing down another singer’s dancers, we would have posted it and discussed it?

  5. she needs to log off. for good. mental health is not an excuse for all these shitty takes and attacking everyone in her path.

  6. I need her to resize her rings. Please. I’m on my knees.

  7. Bummer. I don't know what to say. Are you able to give them baths or wipe down with wipes? It's super rare when I am allergic to a dog or cat, but it has happened a few times because I am allergic to dust and I think the animals were full of dust. I only had short visits. All day like that would be miserable and if you are getting hives, you are at risk for things getting much worse.

  8. From what I can tell, it seems like water plus their dander makes the hives worse, so I worry about giving them a bath :/

  9. Don't stretch it out too long. Do you have any family/friends who are able to step in for you?

  10. Unfortunately the one friend I’d ask to help has Covid so she has plenty of other problems haha. They seem to be snoozing right now so hopefully I’ll be okay if I don’t touch them too much. Someone else here recommended giving the owners a heads up in case I have to ask them to come back so I’ll definitely do that.

  11. He was telling me it wasn’t what I thought it was and that I could just not stay the night and to please reconsider because I had hit it off with his dogs and he didn’t want to go through the process of another meet and greet. It was too late by then, though, and unfortunately happened well before the block feature got rolled out.

  12. Wow that is horrifying! “It’s not what you thought it was” is SUCH a red flag!

  13. Don’t worry; a lot of his irl friends lurk here and constantly show up in every thread to defend him. Like he didn’t choose to be on a reality show/popularity contest.

  14. I mad a post saying I felt like it was a little racist the way Bru/Nathan are beginning to target Frank and I was told there’s no way they could be racist 🙃

  15. I know I’m friends with Briz irl so I’m biased but I think some of this might be based on missing some stuff or mixing things up.

  16. lol okay. It’s okay that your friend (or maybe boyfriend?) is playing like an asshole!

  17. Frank literally has no storyline lol like he mentioned his mom passed (to one person) but what else do we know about Frank?? Also he’s not messy and doesn’t come off gamey… so yes there is something to take note of with their choosing him.

  18. That’s how I felt too. Bru knows Carol is a catfish. She’s an easy target but instead the two “bros” got together to target Frank and have a weirdly sexual conversation about Yu Ling.

  19. He does look rather presidential in that poster...

  20. Yup! And he’s wearing a small American flag pin.

  21. NTA. Everyone on here is really showing their asses. Just because she buys it doesn’t mean she gets to disrespect you. I’m sorry she didn’t do the research to help you with your hair and is now showing how little she cares still.

  22. If anyone is in the LA area, Geeky Teas and Games in Burbank keeps a stock of CR merch as well! And their tea is great.

  23. Just following up to see if they were able to help you? I am in Studio City (hi!) and am waiting on a PEUX extension back pay. I finally emailed them today. I’m at my wit’s end so I’m really hoping they can help.

  24. Looks like it might be from a pigeon/dove; whereabouts did you find it? What sort of habitat?

  25. I live in an apartment and they were just right outside my front door. We tend to have a lot of Mourning Doves hanging around so possibly from one of them? I’ve seen a few pigeons but not too many around my actual building.

  26. Are you in the US? Which state? I think Mourning Dove is a frontrunner, but I'm a UK birder so I can't speak with any degree of certainty!

  27. I think so! I’m just hoping nothing too terrible had* to happen to it in order to lose them 😩

  28. Same for me. It was available after Talks and when I started it, it glitches and disappeared. Someone on Twitter said something about objectionable content?

  29. Well, this is terrifying. Protecting the statues adds such a STRESSFUL element. Maybe Beau dashes and tries to lead the beast away from the group?

  30. That episode was RELENTLESS. I felt so sad for Ashley. What a position to be put into.

  31. Okay I may have totally missed something but are Papi and Angel together now?? Or is it just an incredibly sweet friendship?


  33. Ugh god that fanart always gives me chills and gets me choked up. It’s so good.

  34. Listen to Marc Maron on Dax Shepard's podcast "The Armchair Expert". He calls out Chris Hardwick for being a dick, insincere, and only obsessed with being famous. At first I was skeptical but seems like Maron called it like it is.

  35. Totally not the point but I am actually really enjoying Armchair Expert.

  36. It is! The Johnny Knoxville one felt a little awkward but I absolutely LOVED the child psychologist one.

  37. Yep, my father died, he and my stepsister were close. She was around Kate's age when Jack died. She found a couple of photo charms and put photos of him and her in them. One on her bouquet, the other on her shoe. This way, he "walked" her down the aisle. These aren't the exact charms, but they were similar to this:

  38. I LOVE that idea! I’m definitely going to remember that when I eventually tie the knot.

  39. Was anyone else as bothered as me by the way they portrayed grief? The entire family needs therapy. My brother died by suicide 11 years ago, and although I miss him incredibly dearly every day, I would be mortified if someone made my entire wedding day about him.

  40. THANK YOU. My Dad passed away when I was a teenager and all I could think watching this episode was “jesus christ, it’s her wedding day, not Jack’s funeral 2.0”. It feels really heavy handed. The writers either need to learn that grief doesn’t typically go that way after so many years. Or they need to address how unhealthy it is for the Pearsons to deal with it like that.

  41. I've been doing the same thing and I feel like it's the WORST grind by far. I haven't seen him pop up in any stores yet :/

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