1. so excited for this next chapter of yours!! fashion as art, no rules!! also you make the best collages, they always tell a story beyond just the outfit

  2. It looks like Kastellet in Copenhagen but I’m not sure. The church spiral looks the same as St. Albans, but I don’t remember any doors built into the hill like that (but looks like the gate doors at the entrance to the fort)

  3. yes you're right! it's kastellet in copenhagen :) these doors in the hill are just a bit down the path from the eternal flame memorial to war veterans.

  4. I love that the shoes match the sweater! Very cool!

  5. thank you! been loving my warm yellows lately

  6. Awesome outfit, suits you really well. And your hair: WOW! How did you create this hairstyle?

  7. thank you! it's literally just a messy bun where i pulled the last loop of a ponytail through only halfway haha. then i just pulled out my bangs and little pieces near my ears.

  8. this is stunning. so much ease, but the structure of the jacket and the hard metal on the belt ground it the overall look. absolutely love those jeans, i'm a sucker for awesome thick worn in denim like this.

  9. When you said cold I thought you meant COLD cold, but you out there rocking sandals. Freeze-proof queen lol

  10. ahah not like in the negatives or anything like that! 2 pairs of wool socks and the sandals work. def cold relative to where im from, which is southern california

  11. I am so excited for all of the cold weather outfits!! You know I find your style to be absolutely incredible!

  12. i'm honored to even be recognized by you! all of your contributions are always so meticulous and thoughtful. style icon for sure

  13. Planning ahead does not work for me unfortunately… I have tried desperately to pick out outfits the night before, or even plan a week of looks for when I go on vacation- I just can’t do it!

  14. totallyyy relate on packing being such a chore! i always overpack because i hate being limited in my options in case my mood is different than what an outfit communicates, etc. always end up just packing very safe, 100% reworn outfits

  15. i don't like it! it can work fine, but i tend to just always stick with a safe tried and true outfit if i'm forced to plan ahead (ex: traveling, packing my bag to get dressed after gym, etc). so the outfit is always with my daily driver pieces that i like and rely on, and the outfit is objectively well balanced and i feel fine in it, but its missing that pizzazz. when i can get dressed out of my wardrobe i like making combinations that i've never tried before, and that brings me a lot of joy. id say the only type of planning that i willingly do is to plan to wear a new item that i'm excited about the next day, but no plans of with what. i consider myself a very very left wildflower!

  16. these pictures are all taken from very low angles, which are giving her a way stronger impression of vertical than she likely has. i don't have enough exposure to her to hazard a guess, but she's also still so young and developing, it's so hard to know at this point.

  17. She honestly doesn’t even look like she works out. Kind of insulting to people who stay in the gym.

  18. i feel like that's the kind of assumption that we just can't quite make off someone's body alone. we don't know her starting point, or if she has been working out for years but inconsistently. it's possible to work out a lot but ineffectively. or someone could have eating issues where they struggle to lose weight even with lots of exercise. she may workout a lot, or she may not. this photo is no evidence either way

  19. adventurous, flowing, relaxed, confident, at ease, maybe a bit mysterious, athletic/smooth. i feel like these all represent the best version of myself that is true, but can be shaken. i like to feel like the person i know i am when i feel uninhibited. will unconsciously adjust stuff to fit my mood as well, but that part just comes naturally.

  20. i think they all have similar balances of femininity juxtaposed with masculinity. they also all have similar amounts of ease and drape within these examples. i think "boyish glam" has a bit more of gamine edge, while the other two are more leaning into a natural feeling.

  21. That explains why it doesn’t resonate with me at all lol

  22. hahah i always thought it did resonate with me, and it was helpful to get a better idea of what technically flatters my body. but also i am a kibbe natural type, which fell right in line with what i already like to wear and the image i prefer to portray. so it was more of a validation than something telling me to overhaul everything. i can imagine another kibbe type x wildflower logic not meshing well.

  23. classic, natural, ethereal, gamine ? this is fun!!! so excited to learn the answers!

  24. i very much relate to the point you made about switching outfit details (or for me) complete outfits throughout the day as your mood is shifting! when i feel completely different inside, my previous outfit probably wasn't going to express my new state of being as well. this is so left of us lol!

  25. it depends on where you live bc im in europe and the supermarkets where i live only carry obscure brands of protein bars 😭😭

  26. i'm studying abroad in denmark this semester!! pls send the recs, i'm used to american brands and don't know anything about the foods here

  27. your thought process is so precise and you articulate it so well! it seems like you're very good at integrating your knowledge of your body type, essence, and what you want to project to the world. your careful consideration of whether to add a necklace is a great example of someone who knows herself, and doesn't throw things together willy nilly

  28. i see autumn! either dark or true autumn. your skin and eyes look warm and you seem to have medium contrast. your coloring seems muted. the warm burgundys, oranges, and the warm brown on slide 19 look beautiful on you!

  29. absolutely! green with gold/mustard yellow and brown accents just looks so nice

  30. I’d like to get some white sneakers. I’m currently looking at Vejas. I love the look for casual outfits but I’m not sure I could keep them white!

  31. i wear white sneakers all the time! love my reebok club c's and my ON rogers, and always have a pair of white classic chucks in my closet

  32. i have an olive branch on my upper left back/shoulder, it's a tattoo i got with two college xc teammates. they both have similar olive branch ones in 2 different locations, but they're a little set. it's a nod to our mascot, which is an athena.

  33. it's definitely mainly a style choice in this case. those aren't workout sneakers, just fashion sneakers. i'd wear these as part of an outfit, and i do have some pairs of platform boots. but when i workout/run i like to wear closer to zero drop shoes which allow me to spread my toes out. you're usually not wearing fashion footwear all day long, more like just part of a look.

  34. i did this during the worst part of my eating disorder. especially when i didn't have almond milk at home and only regular milk.

  35. The people voting for Novablast 3 haven’t even worn it 🤣 they’re just trying to justify missing out on a great shoe. Definitely my favourite daily shoe… the foam is unreal. The only problem is that it’s a bit slippery in the wet.

  36. i thought it felt way too mushy and lost all its bounce in comparison to the 1 and 2. I switched to NB 880s for my daily trainer.

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