1. Please tell me that the great prize you would win at the end is a pizza party!

  2. How do you know what street I live on? 🤔 But, yeah, sure, what the heck? How about we chat first? 😄 Are you on Fet? Feel free to DM me. 🙂

  3. Is there a photo of Thomas bradford?

  4. Get that money! I only get $30/hr when it's past midnight and Taco Bell has a 20 car line...

  5. If this was you Oscar at the Comfort Inn. Thank you for the $25 tip. I hope you enjoyed your stay in town.

  6. I always thought smoking together was communal, I would make light of it and have asked you to put your phone down, totally killing the session mood.

  7. Seconding this. I went out there after midnight to see the Perseids a few months ago. Ended up not seeing the meteors because it was also a

  8. Curious if you ever went up there shroomin.... kind of sounds like a fun idea now😆

  9. Can't find em either. Lucky enough to have a penis envy plug at least, but no tabs sadly.

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