1. I do. 23f, I've always wanted a mommy who will let me nurse from her mily tits...

  2. We are both actively involved in our church. We attend on Sundays together, on Saturdays he volunteers all day at the church, Wednesday mornings he goes to a men's Bible study and on Thursday evenings I do a women's study. He sees an individual therapist and I see an individual therapist. Our therapists, family, and friends all think we're great for each other. I've never been in a relationship like this. I don't expect it will be easy, I know there will be hard times, just like any relationship or marriage. We communicate great and we can resolve and work through conflict better than I have ever been able to with anyone. As long as we keep that and keep our lives centered on God, I believe we will get through.

  3. Wow , Sounds like your whole life is centered around the church? You do you have a life outside of that, besides church related things? ( camping, fishing, bowl - God provided a big world to explorer ) I realize he's compensating. But sounds a bit one dimensional, but if it works for you I guess.

  4. We do a lot of stuff outside of church yes. We also believe in having a Christ centered life. We have a good balance. The previous question didn't ask me about our hobbies though.

  5. I wasn't scared because our relationship wasn't changing. It was just a formality. What exactly about marriage scares you? What will be different after marriage? Is it just that you think you won't be able to leave?

  6. I'm just scared for the future. I dont like unpredictability and "the unknown" as I like to call it. I wish that I could have a map of my entire life up until the day I die and I just had to follow it and there would be no unpredictability haha.

  7. Where is that fear coming from? Are there any specific issues that you are ignoring or putting up with? Maybe not just from your relationship, but from your job or hobbies?

  8. He has had struggles with drugs and alcohol in his past. My Dad was is an alcoholic and that's where most of my abuse and trauma has come from.

  9. He was addicted to meth before I met him. When we started dating he had been clean from it for 4 years. He also gave up alcohol about a year ago, so he is 100% sober now. I love this man and there's just some fear in the back of my mind.

  10. Do you have insurance? A home study shouldn’t cost more than $300.

  11. Doing damage because of anger is a redflag. It shows real immaturity and lack of awareness and/accountability. It’s not necessarily a sign of future abuse or anything, but someone who’s willing to do that has some seriously different views on what’s acceptable behavior than a vast majority of adults. For one thing, a man isn’t supposed to act like that with his woman… you know? What’s the point of showing ones ass when they’re “angry” other than to intimidate or dominate. I don’t need to go into detail to describe why that’s inappropriate especially when it comes to your woman. A woman is supposed to be made to feel like her man can handle his anger 100% when it comes to HER at least. Sure get mad if it really warrants it.. but to do damage to shit or punch walls or call mean names or to act in an intimidating manner in any way with your wife is so lame and weak. I’m not saying he’s a bad guy or that you should be worried or thinking about the door, but it’s important that he be soft with you and consider your feelings.

  12. He didn't rip my stuff, they were his jeans. He's never done anything bad to me or my stuff. Also, I didn't see him do it, I was asleep. He was getting ready for work by himself. He told me about it later that day

  13. Someone doesn’t have to be married 20 years to get through a hard obstacle lol

  14. Sure, I get that. And I'm specifically trying to ask couples that have been married for a looong time. I'd love to post this for couples married 40+ years, but how many older people use reddit? Lol

  15. They can have mocktails, ginger beer, etc. the taste and feeling of having a drink without the getting drunk bit. That’s a win-win honestly. And nothing else has to change...dancing, toasts, all the same activities.

  16. We will have a bartender to serve people drinks, and I was thinking of having a sign with the drink options and at the top making it say "Hangover-Free Sips" or something like that haha

  17. Like lawn games? It will only be indoors, so I would love to do games but I don't know what ones?

  18. We did this for logistical reasons. It was easier to get married in the state we lived in than the state we were having the ceremony in, so we just went ahead and did a courthouse wedding a couple months before our real wedding.

  19. I'm thinking of having our immediate families there for the "real wedding" and then sending out invites to the ceremony saying something like, "We Eloped! Please join us on ____________ as we re-affirm our love in the presence of our extended families and friends in the house of God." (We are considering eloping for religious reasons but I do want to have something bigger in June for more people [only about 100]).

  20. It depends. If they were friends for a long time, long before he met me, then I might be more okay with it. MAYBE. I have a guy best friend, he's been my best friend since I was a freshman in high school and he was a junior (we're 23 and 26[?] now). He lives in Iowa and I'm in Minnesota, so we don't hang out much, but I do text him semi regularly and ask him for advice sometimes. My fiance has known about him from day 1 of our courtship though, and I've always been completely honest with him about our friendship, even those couple years in high school when I crushed on the friend but he didn't feel the same way. My fiance has met him and I absolutely confide in my fiance more than anyone else. But if he ever told me he was uncomfortable or worried, I would listen to him and respect his feelings.

  21. Hubs goes to therapy with an LADC every other week and is very involved with church groups, but no, no 12 step

  22. Then my suggestion for you is Al Anon, if you are going to be married to a man with an alcoholic sister.

  23. Oh yeah, I decided to be sober with him and support him through all this. I thought a lot about it, and I decided that having a happy, healthy, equal marriage is more important to me than an occasional drink.

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