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  1. With some majesty and a soupcon of awe.

  2. I had to do a double take at the photo because I thought they were real ferrets!

  3. Roz’s bedroom is easier to get into than a community college.

  4. I was hoping that’d be the one you named.

  5. Double shot, low fat, no foam latte

  6. It’s not the line, but the delivery: Patrick Stewart’s “Nooo…!” when Niles introduces his pregnant wife

  7. One of my favorite Frasier moments! Patrick Stewart was an amazing guest star.

  8. I would be really curious to know how this turns out and if you use any mordants. Keep us updated!

  9. I'm just super surprised by the color saturation, I kept finding purple drops of water in my sink, next to where I grind my "herbs" and thinking "could this possibly be the GDP?" So I wet some and put it on the paper and sure enough it was the little pieces of GDP making all the purple water droplets.

  10. Very cool! It seems like a decently vibrant purple :)

  11. It’s a clock set in the stomach of what appears to be a bear.

  12. That is pretty much what I figured

  13. You know, I wrote a song about Princess Diana... And it's the same song I wrote about Marilyn Monroe...

  14. 🙋‍♀️ Frasier sleeper for the past year here

  15. Prayers for you OP. Keep playing the episodes. I’m sure he’s listening.

  16. Thank you ❤️ he is slowly beginning to mouth words and communicate more with us which is amazing

  17. oh my gosh. i am so sorry, wishing you all the best ❤️ i will keep him in my thoughts

  18. The only thing she did wrong was wear such a bad wig

  19. And I'm even a lazy criminal! A briefcase here, a set of car keys there, maybe a little light shoplifting; but, uh, a bank robbery? All that planning and split-second timing? Forget it.

  20. Of course, we will have to dim the lights at one point. You see, Nina Duncan always insists on sharing her extensive collection of slides from the summer she danced Agamemnon at Jacob's Pillow.

  21. Season 7 Episode 7 ‘A Tsar is Born’

  22. I was just watching the episode where it’s Martin’s 65th birthday yesterday

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