Iranian women supporting each other for breaking the mandatory hijab law

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  1. I've only had a crush once in my life and it ended in disaster. Never felt that way about someone again.

  2. "Just focus on the good things in life! Be more positive! Others have it worse!"

  3. Why did he have to specify that its "spotify" music. Seems like an ad to me...

  4. I'm listening to the audiobooks and its hilarious how badass and arrogant Aragorn is. During the scene you're describing, he's like, I AM NOT GIVING UP MY SWORD. I don't give a fuck if Theoden is the king of Rohan, I AM THE KING OF GONDOR AND SO I AM HIGHER THAN THE KING OF ROHAN. Gandalf's like calm the fuck down bro.

  5. tbf it was less about flexing his status than about protecting Anduril, probably the most priceless heirloom, and most legendary sword in all the kingdoms of men. The only weapon, beside the ring in the hands of an opponent like Gandalf or Galadriel, that Sauron feared. Him claiming his status was to emphasize how important it was that he should not be parted with it, as the heir of Isildur and how his fate is such that he should not be parted with it.

  6. The population of Iran are starting to look like models on the street- that’s awesome!

  7. Seriously everyone who appears on camera, even in the background, is beautiful jesus christ

  8. Wait...does using text messages make you old now?

  9. This is an exaggeration for sure but can confirm Pittsburgh pizza sucks. Of course it's a personal opinion but provolone cheese does not belong on pizza. Just about every pizza I ever got while living there was provolone and some mozzarella. It's gets hard fast, is tough and just doesn't taste right. Also, I can confirm most places do not bake the toppings. I don't know why. Probably to save time.

  10. Ive lived here all my life and have never seen provolone anywhere near a pizza...then again I mostly stay on the east side.

  11. I live in Pittsburgh and have never seen or heard of this.

  12. Same. There might be one vile shop in the city (that I have never heard of) that does this so they say its all of Pittsburgh.

  13. Idk about NileRed, he's pretty ok I guess. But this NileBlue guy is the goat he really excels at what he is doing.

  14. NileRed is just doing the best he can to contain NileBlue. Who knows what would happen if he were to be unleashed on the world...

  15. I’m an engineer and I didn’t understand this, how tf did this get 17k upvotes in

  16. I'm replying only because I have my (5yo) daughters children's Tylenol right next to me. The oldest age on the instructions is 11 and the greatest weight is 95. Most "adult" Tylenol, and other OTC medicine starts their instructions with age 12. OP didn't specify how old their child is.

  17. If they have difficulty swallowing "large pills" then they're probably too young for what's pictured here...

  18. Are you talking about the tame impala song or are you saying youre better off not knowing the actual song?

  19. Ain't it's most important feature that is traps air between which is good for insulation? Genuine question.

  20. Insulation (foam or fiberglass) is typically put in the space between the studs behind the drywall in exterior facing walls. I've never seen drywall alone used as insulation. Can't imagine it would work very well in colder climates.

  21. With the hackjob they did cutting that drywall they might be fixing that wall by the next weekend lol

  22. Honestly, my 50 year old uncle (a grandpa already) says he'll rather euthanize himself than allow him to become so old that he depends on others. That he's gotten everything he wanted from life. Everyone thinks it's just some dark humor but I don't think he's fully joking! Sounds to me like he doesn't want to be swallowed by time.

  23. Aging sucks and theres nothing good about it. People like to romanticize it but it truly is awful and Id rather off myself as well, especially if I'm to succumb to dementia or alzheimer's. I just hope modern medicine will be advanced enough to supress the effects of aging by the time I'm in my 60s-70s. Otherwise its lights out.

  24. It’s unfortunate that you don’t have any positive examples of aging well in your life. I understand your POV now but I’m hopeful life is kind and gentle on you- many senior citizens are still living happy and vibrant lives!

  25. And I'm sure all of them wouldn't turn down the chance to get their youthful bodies back. No one would choose to age if choosing was possible, not not everyone is blessed with the genetics that ensure you will age gracefully. Thanks to genetics I'm much more likely to get dementia that most poeple.

  26. They probably told him to point the gun the other way without specifying that he also has to hold it with the other hand lol

  27. For some reason his face is what I imagine a ventriloquist looks like

  28. His brain has to look like swiss cheese by now, only way to explain this shit.

  29. Going unmedicated with manic episode after manic episode will do that to you.

  30. Unemployed, single, suicidal, coming to terms with the reality of my new diagnosis after my first hospitalization.

  31. I've not heard anything good about working with or for Amazon. Definitely nothing that implies it's an easy or 'chill' job right before the busiest time of the year.

  32. Well I guess I meant chill as in I wont have to interact with a lot of people. I'm fine with hard, fast work if Im mostly doing it alone and without interacting with customers and shit

  33. Short term memory loss has been linked to those who suffer from depression. Anxiety can also lead to poor memory. I know it effects me pretty bad and I have the same diagnosis as you (ADHD-I tho)

  34. Yeah love the fact I ate healthier than 99% of people and still got bipolar. My grass fed meat from whole food just have gave me that mad cow psychosis

  35. Yeah I eat healthy as fuck and have done so long enough that I really dont crave unhealthy food anymore. Still bipolar.

  36. I'd start looking for a new dr if mine told me my bipolar symptoms can be cured. There is no cure, and anything a dr says after using the word "cure" should be treated with great scrutiny. Most medical professionals try to avoid the word altogether because of how misleading it can be.

  37. My parents couldnt stand living with me when I was depressed because of how reclusive and distant I was. Staying in my room, not really talking much, never leaving the house unless I needed to (I was in technical school at the time). When I resurfaced from my most recent depression, trying to get back on my feet after nearly becoming homeless, they wouldn't let me come back. Oh well

  38. For that product, do you have to pay for it every single month indefinitely for it to work instead of actually buying it??? Am I reading their site correctly??

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