1. i always do a throat swab. i tested negative on only a nasal swab when i had covid — tested positive on all the nasal/throat swabs from day one

  2. i had this in only my left calf as an early sign of my covid infection. if it hurts or is swollen or hot it could be a clot! otherwise, i know many people who had the same thing with covid

  3. it’s good to know that this isn’t uncommon with covid, makes me a little less worried. Glad you’re feeling okay!

  4. definitely would get it checked if it hurts though! mine was more like a muscle cramp feeling.

  5. i’ve heard it can indicate your level of viral load.

  6. Oh I didn’t plan to! I was just expressing how 180 I went in terms of cardiovascular endurance.

  7. so I was positive for 7 days and sick enough to need paxlovid (i had been taking steroids for a sinus infection and they totally screwed me). i only started feeling back to my normal(ish) energy levels about two weeks ago (month and a half post). i still have lingering loss of train of thought often and dizzy spells.

  8. What exactly qualifies to be sick enough to take paxlovid? I never inquired about it while I had covid.

  9. I had to get a kidney test for some medicine i was on a few months before i got covid and it qualified me. but depression/anxiety is also a qualifier..there are a ton of things!

  10. it’s completely normal. i only feel like myself again now after two months. take real time to rest. don’t push yourself — you’ll risk long covid if you overexert yourself!

  11. you are covid positive and most likely VERY contagious

  12. normal. i’m a month out from testing negative and still feel it

  13. i would do a throat swab before you swab your nose. you can get a more accurate read that way.

  14. i would swab your throat and nose. i had a faint line like that early on when i just did a nasal swab. when i did a throat swab it came up significantly darker.

  15. first 3 days were hell — fever, congestion, coughing, racing heart. then night sweats and body aches. i am on day 11 and just now starting to feel like the fog is lifting a bit.

  16. a positive test means that he’s still positive and could infect you

  17. Does that also count for people who still test positive after 2 months? Are they still contagious Remember reading tons of these cases on this sub where people claimed to still test positive after 2 months

  18. i would do a throat swab before your nose swab. at the beginning, i was getting a positive result much faster with the throat swab sample than just the nose sample.

  19. just don’t eat or drink or smoke 15/20 mins before you do the throat swab

  20. 🙋🏻‍♀️ double vaxxed and double boosted

  21. What is your age, if you don't mind? Are you immunocompromised? This sounds scary.

  22. i’m 34. i had been fighting off a sinus infection when i got infected. I am super active and healthy in general.

  23. my boyfriend gave it to me after outdoor dining. i was sick as a dog and had to go on paxlovid. your fears aren’t unfounded. also want to add that i was double vaxxed and double boosted.

  24. my tests pretty much all looked like that throughout my entire infection. there is no set timing for when your test line will disappear. it’s different for each individual. i tested negative within 5 days. my boyfriend tested negative within 6 days, then tested positive again, and is now finally negative again.

  25. if you are getting a positive test on a rapid, you are still infected with covid.

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