1. Man all of these are friends and family or my realtor sending me pictures of homes 😭 not one female at all

  2. The clean lines is superior in every way and I refuse to accept otherwise lol

  3. I didibt say every ex. The ones thst blindside or give shitty excuses are the ones thst should suffer.

  4. There you go projecting again. People are allowed to make mistakes and change their minds. You're not some all mighty being who has never made a mistake so get out your high horse. Nobody deserves to suffer. Do everyone a favour and go to fucking therapy man

  5. So you're totally cool if the person you loved just hurts you and leaves for no reason. Sounds pretty weak

  6. If you stopped for 2 seconds to consider situations outside of your own you would have noticed that that person had a reason that made sense to them in the moment. Weak? You're a fucking child, GO TO THERAPY

  7. I agree that lululemon is a higher end brand compared to many others, but are they really a luxury item like Chanel or Prada etc? I dont really see them as such.

  8. They're luxury in the athleisure world. 5000$ for a pair of leggings isn't normal but it is for purses. Lululemon and Chanel are both luxury brands in their own respective categories

  9. Why downvote my comment. 🤦‍♀️ If you don’t want a credit card don’t get one. Don’t be mad at people who don’t have a problem with using them. You can do things in a healthy way. It’s all about moderation. I have zero debt, and a excellent credit score. 🤷‍♀️

  10. I would suggest getting Patagonia baggies!!! But tbh hotty hots are okayish to get wet in my opinion (from my experience of doing some pool chores at home)

  11. Second baggies! Better off picking a brand that designs shorts for water, lulu doesn't

  12. I fell so deep into depression from being dumped from a 2 year relationship that I lost 21 pounds in 1.5 weeks and I couldn't get out of bed. I went to work and I looked very sickly and malnourished. One night, I was so depressed and horrifically sad that I was forcing myself to cry because my chest was tight and I felt so broken that I knelt down and prayed so hard to God. It was the only thing I could do since talking to people made me feel worse about it. Instead, I prayed and cried to God like He was there. I was literally on my knees begging him to heal me fast. I prayed to him to Heal my broken heart and to repair my soul because I was an empty vessel.

  13. Man, it was horrible haha. I could not eat at all and when I tried, I actually threw up bc I couldn't stomach food. I almost went to the hospital lol. Definitely not something I want to go through again and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy

  14. Honestly same, for weeks I couldn't even eat cereal without gagging, I had intense food aversion to the point of feeling sick. Veggies and hummus and soup in small quantities was about as much as I could stomach for a while. A couple months into it the seasons changed and I was pulling out my summer clothes and decluttering as I went, tried on a jean skirt that used to be a tad tight and it literally fell right off me to the floor. That was the first time it really hit me how much I lost.. I would also never wish it on my worst enemy. 4 years later I still haven't gained the weight or my full appetite back ugh

  15. Why did you unblock me anyways if only to stoke the flames?

  16. I already explained exactly why and if Reddit would let me reblock you I would. Leave me alone.

  17. Unblocked me because you just couldn't handle a stranger getting the last word in on you on Reddit because you didn't like their photo.

  18. Dude, grow tf up. I've told you to leave me alone multiple times now, and you think I'm the one who cares about "getting the last word in"? I'm not replying anymore and will be blocking you.

  19. Software & engineering sound like transferable skills. Don’t write my idea off, I have close friends that lived abroad during their working lives.

  20. Good for them. OP doesn't want that, so who cares what your friends have done lol

  21. Why spend your life here if you want to live somewhere else? Do the research and move now.

  22. It's almost like people can want different things are different ages? Crazy eh? Grow tf up

  23. This is so hauntingly sad because this is exactly how it is. The picking and choosing what to respond to, pushing off convo, I directly dismissing you . Avoidants should just get with each other and see how it feels tbh

  24. It was infuriating! Maybe even worse than the avoidance was the misleading and lying. The amount of times he'd tell me he'd call me X night and I'd sit at home waiting and getting no response to my texts only for him to tell me the next day that "something came up".. you either had no intention of calling in which case just be up front about it or you could have texted me the night of to tell me something came up and initiated a reschedule yourself rather than wait until I bring it up 24 hours later... Not to mention the irony that things only "come up" when I need something 🙄 6 months of this I finally have a mental breakdown and get ghosted 🙃 the original conflict was literally so stupid too, he self sabotaged himself turning something tiny into something massive by simply avoiding a chill 20 min phone call.. I know avoidants aren't all bad people and it's not entirely their fault that they're like this since it largely stems from childhood trauma, but fuck it's infuriating

  25. I just feel it’s best to pick your sanity and leave tbh, 7 billion people in the world you’ll find your person, there’s not a lot of secure people in the dating field but you will find your person. I promise you !

  26. I mean I've been in NC for 4 months after being ghosted 🤷‍♀️ lol I'm not still in this situation

  27. Nipple covers 🤷‍♀️ otherwise take them or leave them, there's not a whole lot you can do

  28. clarification???? aaaannd i wasnt talking to you anywayz ydont u c ur way out of it....with all due respect

  29. It's a dense question. And you posted it on a public thread lol you can't be upset when multiple people reply to it. With all due respect 😂🙃 OP obviously didn't mean literally on their own or literally we. "On my own" = not in a relationship. "We" = other single heartbroken people in this sub. Capiche?

  30. Sometimes they're not trying to "do" anything. It reads very genuine imo. It could simply be that they've come to terms with their actions and realize they owe it to you to take accountability, and possibly to relieve some guilt on their end. There was no "can we meet up to talk?" or "maybe we can try again?" so I wouldn't read too much into that. My gut tells me that they are truly sorry and believe you deserve to know. It doesn't really warrant a response at this time though, there's no indication that they're expecting one either.

  31. Then it's irrelevant for OP either way whether or not their province charges tax on the sale of private cars or not.....

  32. Claim bankruptcy, try again in 7 years. You pretty much fucked yourself.

  33. That’s impressive I’ve heard many horror stories of the calcite not lasting and starting to delaminate quickly

  34. Interesting I've never heard that! I don't baby mine either, not sure if I got lucky or the horror stories got unlucky 🤷‍♀️ either way I love mine, hopefully it'll last me many more years

  35. Oh good to hear about your first hand long term experience. Any thoughts on the 2.5 paclite material for weather proofing?

  36. I mean it's goretex.. no water is getting through. My calcite is completely weather proof, even worn it skiing multiple times. I recently got a triolet to replace it for skiing because it's more durable but imo the calcite is a great all rounder for every day, hiking, and the odd ski trip. Worth every penny I paid for it, though it was a bit cheaper when I got mine

  37. My mom and I were so confused we googled it and turns out thundersnows exist, the look on her face realizing it took her 60+ years to discover this was hilarious

  38. I mean yeah because you'd be in contact. Doesn't mean you shouldn't do it though. There are several justified reasons for breaking NC, getting stuff back is one of them

  39. I’m trying to figure out if there is anything we can do collectively as a nation to combat these inflated grocery prices.

  40. By asking a hypothetical question on Reddit?

  41. You asked and got feedback. The problem is you don't like the feedback. It's also a pointless hypothetical.

  42. Email the merchant with a recap of the conversation, with date and time of phone call, and requesting a response from the merchant in writing. Give them a set amount of time to process the refund (say a week?). If you don’t get a response or refund in that timeframe, open a case for a “chargeback” with your credit card issuer.

  43. This! I've gotten tons of refunds, never been asked for any info, definitely sketch

  44. Thanks for your input! 1) Obviously, I wouldn’t consider the CC’s as my first option, this would be beyond stupid. 12.44% for LoC is insanely high in my opinion. 2) The money is for family’s medical issues that can’t be covered by insurance. 4K wasn’t factored in as this is not something guaranteed, rather an estimate

  45. If you know the bill is coming and have 8 months to save for it, what's stopping you from getting a second job for the next 8 months to save up ~10k?

  46. This is really common for that end of town and has been for a long time. My parents have lived in West park for 26 years, a handful of our neighbors across the street that back onto the airport have lost pets, they don't even leave their dogs in the backyard alone anymore

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