1. Nope. Finding the horse legitimate is impossible and you are s.o.l.

  2. Blitzo 100%. He seems like a fun guy to party with. If anything is going on anywhere, Blitzo might know.

  3. I always thought that Black Ops 1 was the scariest as a child when it came down to zombies. I never really liked it because of it however now I play it non stop. Although I don't really miss the fact that at times if you don't have jug, they will get a double swipe off and down you instantly.

  4. Perhaps a vengefull would have been more efficient. F in chat for the pc

  5. Yep, I was right. I got the vengeful sungod and adora with paragons and as I was trying to get every tower, my game crashed.

  6. I am playing on a phone, my game would have probably crashed.

  7. 130 seems a bit low, gotta pump that number up.

  8. This is a porn forum, what made you think that there is no porn here. All porn is NSFW, if the whole forum is porn then you don't have to put NSFW.

  9. Mine is kindness. I am also a chill dude. I did a personality quiz and I was the peacemaker.

  10. I know why. Dark oak tree saplings don't grow single row trees. Its the only tree that needs to be 2*2 to grow.

  11. Hello, just making sure your not talking about shack, because there is many more roles in the full game, you just didnt include them. Here they are:

  12. Innocent can't kill jester. The jester will will if so.

  13. Also, chickens are not useful at all. All you can get are feathers, raw chicken and eggs. The raw chicken is not worth it since it has a chance to poison. The featers are not worth it since there is no flint. Eggs are not worth it since you can't make cake because of no sugar cane.

  14. I am currently trying to survive on a superflat world. However since there is no villages you can have the starter chest to start you off. That is where wood and leather become your best friend. I do know that the is a percentage that zombies drop iron so if you can get enough zombies to drop enough iron, you can make a cauldron and a bucket. Those will be used to make an infinite water source. However you do need to wait for it to rain to fill the cauldron.

  15. I think Blitzo would be great because with him having his business, he would probably allow you to get away with murder.

  16. Thanks for the spell check but wasn't needed.

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