1. is this rhetorical? like are we supposed to go "because... gasp WE WERE BORN!" then be enlightened or some shit?

  2. I forgot just how smooth brained the crowd here is. My bad. 🤡

  3. You don’t have to stop thought. It’s more like you stop taking thought seriously, and it can potentially relax dramatically on its own.

  4. If consciousness can never be stopped, and he is consciousness, don't you think it's extremely deceptive to tell him that he doesn't exist?

  5. You shouldn't assume death is an escape. It's fundamentally no different a state than pre-existence. Nothing ever leaves reality, those eternal atoms can always be recycled into another consciousness.

  6. I would advise extreme caution before you make a dumb decision. Most of the doomers here think they just stumbled into existence coincidently and can easily opt out whenever they choose to. I propose that consciousness is an essential part of this reality, and there is no way to easily escape it. Just think of all the ways the universe can utilize those eternal atoms you deposit back into the ground. Being a human in the 21st century might not be so bad relative to the brutal lives of other conscious creatures. Maybe you should savor this one. The next one might not be so comfortable. 🤡

  7. Doesn't seem like that was the intended theme. No one on the fan subreddit picked up on it either.

  8. Most people here are actually closet optimists and they don't even know it. They put their blind trust in this bizzare, unfounded assumption that existence is a one-time event. Hate to burst your guys bubble, but no one told you that you get to escape. Just think of all the ways the universe can utilize those eternal atoms you deposit back into the ground. 🤡

  9. If everyone is too snowflake to use the word retarded, can't we just use the word retardants? Regarded just sounds retarded. 🤡

  10. I think the consensus is that we don't really know much anything about that. It might be that phenomenal world just ends with our brains dead, it might be so not. This way or another pessimism still holds intact overall.

  11. I wonder what kind of brain nature is going to weave for you next with those eternal atoms you think are so worthless. Maybe it will craft a dung beetle brain for you next. Hopefully, rolling feces for a few years finally humbles you a bit more. Antinatalism makes no sense when faced with infinity. Don't delude yourself into thinking that you get to decide when you want to escape existence. No one said you get to escape. 🤡

  12. This cringe doomer philosophy isn't going to end well for you. Just use a fraction of your brain and ask yourself how you even got here. If you think you're here by coincidence, you're the biggest 🤡 here.

  13. Antinatalists don't want to move the species forward, they want everyone to be trapped in an endless cycle of brutality. Nature isn't going to stop just because you threw in the towel. You need to snap out of this cringe doomerism philosophy and realize that the only way is forward. 🤡

  14. Why do you people worship these cringe sayings? As if it's going to change anything about the hostage situation you find yourselves in. There is no escaping reality. Phrase it however you want, you're stuck here bozos. 🤡

  15. For my impression it sounds pretty okay and no absurd at all. There cannot be absurd if there is nothing. Like no problems ever at all.

  16. Problems and suffering are only temporary, which many people here fail to realize. Conscious creatures are much more intelligent than the mindless forces that got us here. Virtually all suffering will be reduced in the far future when conscious creatures inhabit the entire universe and use their collective intelligence.

  17. We don't know that. Suffering can be simulated indefinitely for all assumption we could gather. Your description sounds good however it's just a hypothesis. Other scenarios such as simulated hells could be realized as well I'd guess.

  18. Intelligence will always win over mindless, predictable forces of nature. I've already seen enough to know where this is going. We're already traversing space and automating away tasks to robots. It's not hard to imagine a future where conscious minds are designed intelligently with little to no capacity for suffering. Every grueling task will be automated away and conscious creatures will spend most of their days entertaining themselves.

  19. Reality is branching out in every possible direction and has taken you along for the ride. It's likely that you'll experience everything there possibly is. So yes, infinity belongs to you. 🤡

  20. Every delusional person here who thinks they don't exist is going to inevitably be reincarnated as a dung beetle. They won't have the mental capacity to argue about how they don't exist or contemplate which parts of reality are fake. The only thing they'll have time for is rolling the giant piles of feces that the universe has graciously bestowed them. Hopefully then, they'll finally gain a little more humility and understanding of the situation they're in. 🤡

  21. I mean I exist,I'm fully conscious/aware,I have a sense of knowing,that's what existence is,I think the goal is to just get rid of the identity/personality we beleive we are.

  22. You are in the minority here then, you won't find many here who believe that they exist or that they will persist in the future. Choose a different sub.

  23. i will take crabman over night king any day of the week

  24. Sure the materials of my body will likely eventually form into another conscious being but what makes you think I will experience anything in these new vessels. Assuming gigatech you killed me and then created a clone of my body with that same matter you think I would experience via the clones body?

  25. I'm not sure what you think you are, if not your body. I don't think I could exist separate from the senses. Everything I've ever experienced is owed to each of them. Without them, I'm nothing.

  26. With the same setup and materials? What even makes it a clone?

  27. Seemed a bit abrupt that there was no scene announcing the baby's death, unless I somehow missed it. Did they really just skip it and cut straight to announcing a new heir?

  28. CrumbledFingers has deservingly earned the title of biggest flip flopper of all time. One day he believes he exists and the other he won't, it really just depends on which hippie Buddhist guru pops up in his YouTube feed that day.

  29. It's not easy to grasp subtle ideas, but you have to engage them to have any chance of understanding. REALLY engage them, like read books about them. When you encounter something that doesn't make sense, it seems like you just shut down and demand that other people serve you the solution to your confusion, while simultaneously giving them absolutely no reason to do so and every reason to just forget you asked, which is what I usually do. It's transparent to me that you're coping with some difficult shit and putting up a facade of smug irony as a way of displacing it.

  30. There's no bitterment here bucko. I'm a practical guy who understands the reality of the situation he's in. There is no escape for either of us, it's time for you to confront the hostage situation you're in and stop this deranged denial of your own existence. I'm the only one here who is even adhering to the definition of Open Individualism sticked on the front page, which is actually hilarious. 🤡

  31. This is insane, so why do you think you lose your vision when you pull your eyeballs out?

  32. So then this conversation ultimately boils down to whether you think consciousness is still consciousness if there's nothing to be aware of. I don't know how you found it to be so obvious.

  33. Can you expand a little more on the 'there is no escape' part? The so-called pessimists here need a quick refresher. 🤡

  34. I would actually be cautious with asserting that “I” exist because it’s not easy to define “I.” I would rather say that experiences exist, so maybe I am just equal to the experience, or the set of all experiences. Obviously there is no escape. But this is pretty abstract. When I’m not thinking through the lens of OI, I view all existence as evolution from chaos to order. There is no ultimate reason for everything and all appearances of causality and order are just appearances, patterns. I don’t know why consciousness exists, it just does, because it can. Many opposing beliefs in this world collapse since you really can’t tell a difference. Determinism or indeterminism, souls or no souls, God or no God, etc. . I used to think OI was a great foundation for ethics, but at the same time it doesn’t even seem practiclaly different from CI. It’s trivially true, but false, at the same time. My main concern is to conquer and reproduce because that is what I’m designed to do

  35. So you don't believe anything is trapped here? Consciousness comes free, essentially a victimless phenomena?

  36. I’m not sure what that means. A trap implies that there is a non-trap state. But yeah there’s no victim. I’m not a subject glued to a TV screen of experience, I’m the screen itself. Because the belief in identity and self is just a part of experience. That’s not to say that suffering doesn’t exist, just that there is no sufferer

  37. So then you're one of the many other nondualists here. I don't think your view is compatible with OI, at least the version that is described on the front page. Why are you not active on

  38. Life is like dreaming, you can't close your eyes and make it go away.

  39. Someone has to keep his story alive. He escaped the cult and survived. I'm so proud of him. 🤡

  40. You didn’t write those words and no one is reading them

  41. Keep telling yourself that. If you try to close your eyes, the universe will open them again for you. There is no escape. Now admit it and stop this hippie Buddhist nonsense.

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