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  1. I was pretty sure they wouldn't but I still was a little worried it could happen until after WU ended.

  2. Sorta? The first I don't really talk to just because we have very different lives now but I still have him on social media.

  3. Poker Face. It's Natasha Lyonne being Natasha Lyonne, but solving crimes.

  4. And if we're recommending Natasha Lyonne shows, I'm going to also recommend Russian Doll.

  5. This show was so fucking good but also extremely devastating.

  6. The purpose of Tinder for most people, and the app itself facilitates this, is just about collecting matches. I realized this after a couple months. I'd say I had about 10% response rate from people on there I matched with. It was ridiculous. I eventually stopped using it.

  7. I just started playing this game yesterday and I have no fucking clue what I'm doing, what's going on, or what anything means. This game throws you right into the deep end of its world and explains nothing. What is DOOMS? What are BTs? What's with the Beach?! What even the hell is the Death Stranding?

  8. I told this story more recently here in a less relevant thread, but:

  9. Wow, your story is amazing. I'm sorry it ended badly :/

  10. No worries. This was 16 years ago now so I've pretty much moved on. But it remains a core memory.

  11. That last sketch was a complete mess but I also loved it. Ego is so funny.

  12. tbh, I feel like Sarah's acting choices didn't work with this sketch. Maybe that's just because that character is 100% an Aidy type who can deliver those confused lines better

  13. Yeah I love Sarah but it wasn't working for me. Also didn't help that she looked like she was smiling all the way through it.

  14. I am pretty confident that if the metro did have public restrooms, they'd only look like a murder scene every time.

  15. I am not a part of this sub and I never come here, but its posts appear in my feed all the time. I've never, ever been able to discern the meaning/purpose of this sub from its posts alone.

  16. I finally snagged a PS5 this past month so I'm more hype than ever tbh lol.

  17. The issue isn't going to magically fix itself. This isn't a movie or a book or a video game and no one and nothing is going to swoop in and suddenly fix every issue you have for yourself. You are the only one who can change your outlook, your destiny.

  18. I've deleted Facebook long ago, I don't have TikTok. I'm thinking to get rid of Insta but that's where I connect with most of my friends. I'm started to follow more and more positive content (parrots talking, pets, stand-ups, etc) and less thristtraps.

  19. Thank God I accidentally trained the algorithm on Instagram to only show me cat videos.

  20. I'm slowly having it veer away from thirst traps and more towards French bulldogs.

  21. I've been wanting to get rid of FB for a while because I think that's where I get the most toxicity from. It's a lot harder to curate the experience on there. But I have people on there I'd lose touch with if I got rid of it. So, it's hard.

  22. Considering the Dominants and/or their Eikons seem to be the reason most wars are started, I could see him wanting to destroy them to essentially rid the nation/world of a reason to constantly cause bloodshed (assuming destroying the crystals would rid Valisthea of magic and the Eikons). But... it's hard to say. I'm going to assume he has his reasons and we'll find out soon enough in June.

  23. I honestly don't know if anything will ever top the Sammy Davis Jr./Scarlett Johansson joke.

  24. I mean I think romancing any of them is weird for me personally but I don't really care what others do. It's a video game and it's not real. And if people are gonna do morally questionable things, I'd certainly rather they do it in a fictional setting.

  25. I'm extremely terrible at reading signals and/or always convince myself I'm reading it wrong if someone is interested so I don't know if I've ever made the first move. Not intentionally, anyway. But I remember the first move someone made on me, which was my best friend at the time who was "straight." We were play wrestling; I licked his face to gross him out, then he kissed me.

  26. It was definitely a divergence from the source material but this was SO much better. That part of the game works fine in the game, but this was an really excellent way to adapt the source material. Though I kept being worried Bill was gonna not grant Frank his wish and he was gonna take off and do it himself (somehow). It wasn't until he downed that glass of wine that I was able to relax a bit.

  27. Us lesbians got "San Junipero" episode from Black Mirror and whole The Haunting of Bly Manor of heartbreaking yet heartwarming love stories. It's due time that gays should get to experience it too.

  28. Haha the entire time I watched it I was like, "Is this San Junipero?" Also one of the best episodes of TV ever tbh. I've rewatched it so many times.

  29. I get that bodies are built differently but from your comments, you only gained 13 lbs in comparison to the weight you were at in your profile pictures. I can almost guarantee you don't look noticeably different and your idea of what qualifies as looking "out of shape" is barely noticeable to the average person. If you were already a "healthy weight" I really can't see how an extra 13 lbs would throw anyone off.

  30. This episode was so meaningful for me. I was already in tears before Frank announced his desires for Bill to euthanize him. When Bill is putting him to bed that first time when it flashes forward to 2023, it was so emotional for me because it occurred to me I couldn't think of ANYthing that depicted two men growing old together?

  31. Did Heidi win a contest to play MBJ's gf/wife in every sketch tonight or something?

  32. I KNEW she would be back. But also I thought this character was just called Angel? Lol.

  33. I'm only one person but I have 0 interest in Diablo 4. I'm sure there's a fair amount of overlap in fans, though.

  34. If you haven't defined what you are, I think what he's doing is mostly okay. You seem pretty sure that you'd like to make things exclusive, so I think it's on you now to take the next step and ask if that's something he'd like to do as well. You might not get what you want, but at least you'd know.

  35. I suspect it'll be 3-5 hours as well. It'll likely serve as a kind of "tutorial" for the game for the most part.

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