1. Yeah, I think they are very important things. Thanks.

  2. I have something to say after watching this. No matter how much I know this is a joke, I was honestly very shocked to see that post was going around a lot on Twitter and got a lot of recommendations. How much do some of poke-fans want the main character to change and get tired of the Ash series, is it said that the new protagonist, who has only been in episode 2, is much better than the main character for 25 years?

  3. I hope It will, but Will OLM make them meet?

  4. Ash's abnormal ability compared to his companions.

  5. I'm sure it will. But It's so huge I don't know when I post it.

  6. what you're saying is that you are working on the story but havent started on the pictures yet

  7. Yes, that's what I'm saying. You know Story is more important than picture.

  8. What are you talking about the RR episode was very cool. Not only we saw a comeback of Team Rocket and Giovanni after almost 20 years but we also got all the other villains, which are characters that completely disappear in the original games. Like this they both used well the just-established multiverse concept and did a better crossover than the return to Kanto in gen 2 (which while it was an amazing idea, was also really repetitive and not accompanied by any kind of story that gave a reason to go there if not for other battles). USUM had surely some issues, but I don't see how can Rainbow Rocket be one of these.

  9. If you are, I'm okay. But I heard many criticisms on Team rainbow because there were no connection or communication between Leaders and It was not shown how to met each other etc.

  10. I think it depends on who you hang around with, because the people I know all love Rainbow Rocket and think it's the best part of USUM. For people like me and them, the only "fix" for Rainbow Rocket, besides adding more drama between the notable members is incorporating villains from the other games released afterwards like Chairman Rose, the SV professors, and Volo.

  11. Yeah, Maybe many anifans think about it too.

  12. So many things in stories, I'll review it later.

  13. We really shouldnt expect something to happen in the anime, we should just wait and see what they’ll show otherwise we just get disappointed

  14. Well, I've got it and That's reasonable.

  15. Ash x serena. If she didn't kiss to him, I would choose Ash X misty. But..

  16. Then who will be if Ash give 2 slots more in companion?

  17. Then Bayleef of Ash will be jealous to her. :P

  18. Can you explain the question a little bit better? Because like how can a foreshadow be important but not appear in the anime? You Talking about stuff that was foreshadowed but never paid off or like, things that are important in the Game's story but didnt show up in the anime?

  19. What if all the main characters of the main and side series came out in the Pokemon Journey series ?

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