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  1. I believe it's bigger than the top 5 others combined

  2. sounds like the pt wasn’t refusing an IV, was just being picky about the location

  3. I wonder if there are places where they have dedicated drivers and the EMTs/Paramedics just stay in back always

  4. there are. in MD, for example, they have a certification that gets used by some commercial/transport services that’s literally just a driver, that’s all they do. I believe they’re usually trained in CPR, and maybe taking vitals if necessary, other than that they just drive and pull the stretcher

  5. they didn’t mean 99% of people understand without the /s, they meant 99% of our calls are bs

  6. Yeah, my 12 month old lately: "Dad, why do parents always make up absurd stories about their kids trying to make them look like they're special? Is it that they're projecting their wishful thinking to make themselves feel a little bit better?" I am so proud!

  7. how is this absurd when we are literally on a video of a toddler reading

  8. Vitals, doses, med calculations. All times when you need to recall numbers during an EMS call incident, command, management of resources, personnel safety…. All times you might need one on the fire side.

  9. all of those get written down on the notepad next to me or recorded on my fancy $17,000 light-up toy that makes funny noises.

  10. not all PSAPs are the same. In mine, the same person who’s answering 911 is dispatching the radio and answering the phones. Depending on how busy the day is and what critical calls are in progress, I could be managing up to four lines simultaneously myself. So when I am coordinating multiple LE units for a canvas while on the phone with a 911 caller getting pedigree information about the car that hit them while copying ANI/ALI data into CAD and another un8t is calling out starting mileage for a transport. All while multiple radio frequencies are transmitting traffic. The ability to parse and retain specific data is essential.

  11. that sounds disgusting and it sounds like they overwork you guys. there is no reason that one person should be call taking, dispatching, and working the radio at the same time.

  12. I will update on his birthday it’s about week and a half away

  13. The amount of times I've had to relay game chat info through our discord call because my friends have had to mute the entire lobby is insane.

  14. idk how ps4/5 works (or maybe you play pc) but one thing i really love about xbox is that if you’re in a party, it separates party chat and game chat, so you can just have voice chat on for your xbox party and completely ignore the game voice chat

  15. the experts say a weapon is not a rifle if it doesn’t have rifling you’re going to tell me i can’t call a musket a rifle because it’s smoothbore?

  16. He said "fortunately" and then said "we still have bill gates". I agree with the idea but there is nothing fortunate about that individual.

  17. his philanthropy. i’ll accept there’s nothing else fortunate but he is very well known for being philanthropic, with his foundation being the second largest charitable foundation in the world

  18. There is nothing charitable about BMGF. It is a moneymaking enterprise. You may want to read up more about their evil operations and stop relying on their PR propaganda.

  19. We have simple face masks for O2 at 28% or 40% concentrations, nebuliser masks, and NRBs. NCs would be great, I actually don't know the reason why they were stopped. I would love the ones with the ETCO2 readers on

  20. The pure definition of the word isn't really relevant. More rapid than what?

  21. gotcha. my primary company, our state protocols say work for 10 minutes, then you can transport, preferably with mechanical cpr in place

  22. So essentially your crews transport every arrest and the hospital calls it?

  23. Realistically, depends how viable the patient is, but when possible, it’s preferable to us, since obviously hospitals are a much higher level of care than us

  24. So frustrating that they can go into all that detail yet can't give a reason why patient refused surgery - fear, denial, religious beliefs, social reasons (dependents at home), so many potential factors.

  25. They absolutely work and have surely saved a lot of peoples hands and fingers. Most people that have accidents on a saw stop end up with minor scratches and superficial cuts. It’s such amazing technology I think It’s morally wrong for them to have kept it under patent. There should be a way the country steps in and strikes down patent protection of something is for the public good. Like buy them out of it or something. But again, they absolutely work and my next saw will 100% be a Saw Stop.

  26. people won’t stand for that, cause “big gubment” and “muh freedom”

  27. Only for fingers? I’ve superglued my moms head wound since she insisted on not going to get stitches

  28. Am I reading that the breast cancer went through to her back?

  29. That’s not a short or grounding out, that right there is an arc fault caused by a loose connection. If an electrical connection comes loose but is close enough to where it’s supposed to go, it will jump across the air gap in what’s called an arc, creating a ton of heat due to the air being far more resistive than the wires. This is why it is absolutely vital that connections are secure, because it will continue to arc until a fire is started to break the connection or it creates a weld between itself and its destination.

  30. i believe the fire would actually briefly provide excellent connection, shortly before melting away the wires it was connecting

  31. While working on another accident, an SUV plowed into the truck early Sunday morning. It was blocking a lane and a half of traffic on an expressway and undoubtedly saved some of our lives.

  32. 200 bucks though? I hope you have a uniform allowance.

  33. if you look carefully, the site has a $300 minimum order, so you have to buy multiple anyway

  34. Hot take incoming but if they continue to underpay us, this is the result.

  35. u just work like 5 shifts a month here in MS.

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