1. I mean, I'm sure as hell not bringing kids into this shit show of a society.

  2. I totally agree with your take... this world is so expensive

  3. From that way to learn about the future it's depend what is going on on the in every day and day to day and every think of the other people I have been working on the last

  4. Pounds, fine. But why Newtons? Nobody uses Newtons except people who know how to do that conversion anyway, and would find this irrelevant if you already know the mass.

  5. Newton is the si unit of many quantity like force and other things.

  6. Ah yes,the age old choices of kill it,lie to it,poison it,or fck it..

  7. With what point exctly? taking any weaponized plane and go off the radar is already worse enough

  8. The torpedo tube covers(?) make it look like a shark-spder.

  9. Does playing Fortnite Save The World cause me to go to hell? If so I’ve ben damned for a year and a half...

  10. George: So uhh, what happened today with you and...

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