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  1. I believe that a big reason for our lack of confidence, and our losing streak, is the team's lack of trust in Tatarusanu. I would have started anyone else just to see if the team performed better. Pioli changed everything else instead and the result was the worst half of Milan football I can remember.

  2. I would give 5 upvotes if I could. Even last night’s goal, not an easy save but a good goalkeeper would make the save.

  3. You’re not as short as you always make out to be! Either that or the photo is edited. It does look like you’re floating a little bit.. 😉

  4. “The gig is up gang, we’re about to join the back of the queue for attention. It was a good run whilst it lasted..”

  5. I’m currently working on an app that pulls all the titles currently available on different streaming services. That’s not the whole app btw. Anyway having got the list there is a fair more titles on multiple streaming services than I would have thought. I currently have Netflix, Amazon prime, appleTV plus, Disney+ and paramount+. Of the 1050 ish titles available there are currently 74 on more than one service. Most of these are paramount and another. Perhaps there would be some value is exploring the data more to try and predict. But I have enough shit on and am fed up of looking at it 🤣

  6. I think like someone suggested, it would depend on the production house in most cases. Sounds like you’re missing sky cinema to complete the set 😉

  7. Tar was only released a week ago in the UK… not really that limited.

  8. Fair, it hasn’t shown at odeon much and that’s the nearest cinema to us..


  10. You try to taste it, see if it tastes sweet, and you have the answer.

  11. I would do anything for life, but I won’t do vax.

  12. Throw in Tartasanu as a part exchange, that should seal it.

  13. Talking to confirm his wife’s identity. And necklace.

  14. I think I fixed it, in settings I turned off “Enable Home Feed Recommendations” and turned off all “Personalize…” options

  15. She always was the better magician. We both know that. Whatever my secret was, you have to agree, hers is better.

  16. I don't know man I've had my Ibra blue 3rd kit for some time and throw it in the wash and the dryer and the name and number is still on there.

  17. It used to say ibrahimovic, now it just says Ibra.

  18. Is there a more historic stop? which one?

  19. Assuming you get on average 10 eggs per day that works out at approx 3650 eggs per year.

  20. As long as the line isn’t red you’re OK! 🤣

  21. Not only was France or Argentina the best possible outcome for the final match, but I believe that it was the only one too

  22. Chianti have bottled the wine for himself perhaps?

  23. Is he blind, Chianti see? They stole his wine and are trying to make amends…

  24. He’s only one match away from having the same number of appearances this season as Kalvin Phillips - keep him in I say!

  25. Nick Cage can go back to buying his wife’s paintings now!

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