1. Only 1,200 adults surveyed with 86% trust rating and they call that the majority of the Filipinos..... funny.

  2. me too 😭 i was called a fake fan by my 'top 0.5%' friends jokingly lmao (to be fair though, i don't use spotify 24/7 :D)

  3. To be fair, subbed is better with dubbed. Kahit naiintindihan 'yung language. Para mas mabasa at maintindihan lalo 'yung sinasabi, very helpful for individuals/kids na nahihirapan intindihin yung pinapanood.

  4. a. making summary of the topics or a graphic organizer or tables

  5. all these worked for me hehe and before doing anything i always try to get interested in topics that i have to study :-))

  6. i didn't know the difference between anemoculi and seelies LMAO that i had to ask a friend because i don't know what they're called (the seelies), and why am i not obtaining any anemoculus (because they're actually seelies)

  7. mag-ppause muna ako sa college for various reasons tapos makikita ko yung statement ni πŸͺ¨regarding mandatory ROTC sa college. okay lang naman ako mag-ROTC except that my mental and physical health had reached their toll lmao and i have to take a break tapos ganyan. this is too unnecessary especially with an education system and curriculum that's too flawed. ewan ko na pilipinas

  8. my crush had kindly rejected 2-3 of my friends so far and while i have a high chance, nope, i won't confess talaga hahaha. i know it's better to confess than to assume things. but since i don't want to date anyone yet, same goes with my crush ayaw niya muna, i don't know, maybe i should forget this na lang haha

  9. might be too late to comment but i just thought of this lyric again:

  10. I think because she's a lyricist first and foremost, she cares about the words she's singing so she puts in that extra effort to make them very clear

  11. also, could anyone see my flair? i know it's wrong (should be pennies) BUT i can't unhear it anymore from Karma πŸ’€πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

  12. To me it sounds like penis because in my language that's how it's pronounced - EXACTLY LIKE "PENNIES" and it's just so funny to meeee πŸ˜‚

  13. hello po saan pong cafes pwede at safe mag-laptop (as a group) within araneta city??? preferably may power outlets sana and wifi huhu

  14. not a cafe, but check out Urban Pods in Gateway (although not sure if open pa sila)

  15. i just checked akala ko massage chairs lang 😭 this is totally fine thank you po! sana nga operating pa sila haha

  16. this hits harder when you know the scene HAHAHA

  17. Illicit Affairs. I am so sorry but I don't like it much, doesn't bring me much satisfaction when listening to it, and it doesn't grow on me. I might get told "oh you don't have taste!" babe I'm sorry it's just a preference of mine. :(

  18. Eddie Garcia. He can outlive everyone. The guy would still be on TV if he didn't trip and fall.

  19. How many artworks the AI has stolen to create this lol.

  20. not sure how exactly ai art works but this is honestly alarming (at least for me)

  21. what the fuckk?????????!!!!! ang kikitid talaga ng utak nila di ko alam may ganito???

  22. Honestly they all jumbled in my head kskdkdjdn but then when I'm finally in the clear, the lyric that I first thought of was "Are we out of the woods yet?"

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