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  1. Grats on the new car! I use a non Tesla home charger fine (ChargePoint Flex).

  2. Iron Maiden are never going to get in are they? /sigh

  3. What is messed up they were number 1 or 2 in the fan ballot last year, but the "board" did not vote them in. I find it odd that Dave Ghrol is on that "board" and is in as a solo artist AND in as The Foo Fighters, shouldn't that be a confict of interest? Maiden not being in, and Judas Priest getting in as a "special" mention is such BS....

  4. On that point, Dave Grohl was actually on Howard Stern talking about the Foo Fighters induction. He stated (paraphrasing here) it was ridiculous Foo Fighters was being inducted before Maiden and arguing why Maiden's influence was important to be recognized. He's a good guy.

  5. This is a repost of something originally posted by an entirely different user. Totally irrelevant.

  6. I cross posted so to help another Redditor.

  7. This is a good example by Star Citizen, the butt ok jokes and vaporware posts, is next level. This game provides experiences you cannot get anywhere else.

  8. I guess no more shade on Ford for building the MachE in Mexico then.

  9. Build quality, which I'm super picky about. Ironically I had two fairly egregious issues when I picked up my 2022 M3LR in June. The hood was badly misaligned and sunken on the passenger side. Also the power trunk was badly off so when I closed it it made a terrible noise (luckily did not damage anything).

  10. Waaaah.....................Elon has more money than me. He worked hard and became a success. Waaaaaaah......................I'm just a loser waiting for my government hand out. Waaaaaaah. What can we do? I'll tell ya. Get off of Reddit and get a job. Free up that space in Daddy's basement and get out there and make something of yourself. Who knows, maybe you'll be rich someday and play rockets with Elon.

  11. This is pretty funny because Musk was born rich.

  12. I have had zero issues with Google TV. Been solid.

  13. Iron Maiden (or at least Bruce) has said before that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a load of bollocks (which it is).

  14. I'm still voting Maiden because I think they deserve it.

  15. Tesla should buy ABRP and integrate it into their software.

  16. Lars got make up for that lost Napster money.

  17. I'd take an Ioniq 6 or an ID7 over a Model 3 and that's coming from a current Model 3 owner. The build quality on this thing is the worst I've ever had in all the cars I've owned and I bought it brand new in July of 2019. Maybe they're better now, but I can't personally recommend a Tesla with the amount of times (5) I've been to a service centre with 42,000 kms on mine.

  18. They are not better now. My June 2022 M3LR had terrible build quality issues. So much so that Tesla outsourced the fixes to a pro collision repair shop. I’m looking at getting an Ioniq 6 because the road noise in the Tesla is pretty damn bad. Great software, great performance, but not a well built car.

  19. That's disappointing to hear. Your last sentence is how I feel 100% when it comes to Teslas. The only reason I would recommend people one is not for the car itself, but for Tesla's charging infrastructure. If you drive a lot, it's a giant plus to be able to use Superchargers. If you primarily charge at home, literally any other EV right now.

  20. Once they open up the SC network here in the U.S. (I'm betting this year) the SC network will be much less of a factor. I have a MachE as well and honestly charging has not been an issue off the SC network, but I'm in CA.

  21. The new Prius prime should be awesome, especially if it’s got over 200 HP.

  22. Oof. Love that he was helping this little guy but I was cringing when he was pulling on the arms like he was. Would have been better to reach under and cup the little guy and extract his body from the mud. Hope the little guy ended up ok.

  23. Abstract Ocean. Great quality add ins.

  24. Connection, interaction, passion. So many reasons.

  25. She and Musk need to get together. They have both gone batshit nuts in parallel.

  26. That level 1 wizard spell needs a short cooldown. He's waaaay stronger than monk or cleric when he showed them a month or two ago.

  27. Wizzy is #1 DPS right now. It will get nerfed.

  28. God I hate Tesla service. They accused me of being in an accident when it was their techs that didn’t know how to align the car. Embarrassing. Good luck, raise hell and get the emails of the managers at the service center.

  29. Tesla Service is so bad. I was so happy when they outsourced by delivery day issues to an outside collision center for repairs (car came back perfect). Tesla just does not seem to have any skilled technicians in the SCs.

  30. Chubby? You're perfect. Love the shirt!

  31. Dude, Gyeon is the best. I always have a couple of liters at home.

  32. I coated by white faux leather seats with Gyeon leather ceramic. It's been outstanding.

  33. I've been impressed with Turtle Wax Ceramic products as well.

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