1. Oops I was looking at the mp5 one my bad

  2. Did you have the mount facing forward or to the side so you have a better angle when you ride?

  3. I have one. Get the alpha one with the pic rail on the top and butt. You can also swap out the rear pic rail with the bone steel direct mount brace. Also get the 4pc Bulgarian brake to kill a lot of flash and direct the noise forward.

  4. The right answer is to have both. I like shooting the vp9 but it’s so chunky to carry compared to my p365.

  5. Nice piece, with the folding brace.did you get right hand or left hand version?

  6. I got the left hand folder. It’s been great so far

  7. I hope I’m wrong but I think we barely meet or are .1 higher.

  8. 2 clones. One old school with irons. One with your favorite optic. For less than the price of this one. PS I shot the MKE clone 🤤it's perfection.

  9. I have an older mke clone. Shoots great. I get wanting the Hk, but I wouldn’t shoot it as much since it’s so $$.

  10. Roll of the dice, these might have some surplus rifles in it too lol.

  11. Man, you are not giving yourself enough dte on the CSP.

  12. That’s a strangle. Sell the 27C and 23P

  13. You may have read it wrong, I have sold a 23C and 27P at the price indicated

  14. Your initial post is confusing to me. A 27p will put those shares into your account at $27. A 23call will sell it at $23.

  15. Just depends on risk tolerance and diversity. If you’re 100% GME committed then yea go weeklies balls deep every week. It can be super profitable. But if you’re diversified and want a piece of the pie without commitment go 30-45 DTE. You’ll still win and you’ll sleep better at night.

  16. You can always roll out of 30dte easier than weeklies.

  17. Just wondering, at some point are strategies like this over complicating things?

  18. You mean like sell on a red day? still a lot less than calls tho.

  19. Yes. Sell on a red day. Depends on the stock if pits are less than calls. CSP are good when you think the stock will go up unless you want to get assigned.

  20. Oh. So I'm supposed to sell ITM and either collect premium or get assigned.

  21. Yes that is right. Start off slow and give yourself plenty of theta to back out of it in case the trade goes the wrong way. Don’t worry it took awhile for me to get the hang of csp’s too. You got this.

  22. Is it usually bullish before or after hours?

  23. Where do you find your sources for this? Pretty big claim to make.

  24. I remember B&t selling them but I didn’t jump on it. Then saw Aim selling it a few weeks later I just wondered where are they getting all of these milsurp bcg’s from?

  25. Are they prepping for the AFT decision?

  26. Free men do not ask permission

  27. “We have mp5sd at home”

  28. I get the feeling it will show a small positive EPS.

  29. Since you'd be selling the 35C if a run is over 40 the anticipation is capturing mostly IV. The long date would make it far less likely that the call would be exercised in the nearer dates since it's ITM and gives you time for a nice price drop under the strike price prior to being exercised as well as some potential theta burn which you could pickup as well.

  30. Thank you for the informative reply. I’m still learning and bag holding.

  31. Depends if you believe in opex. I’m cautiously optimistic.

  32. So does this do anything for our possible opex this week run ? Or just get ready for earnings in a few weeks? We are in an earnings quiet period right?

  33. I’d estimate you’d have to sell them between .3-.4 delta per week but it depends on how high IV is. I’ve been selling CC’s as well and slowly increasing my risk tolerance.

  34. I’ve just started getting into cc’s a few months ago. Today, I sold similar CC’s but as nov11 weeklies with less risk. What was your delta when you sold?

  35. It’s ok man, we are all learning from each other here. Hopefully it goes ok for you, if not can you buy it back?

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