1. There are other implications embedded in that title

  2. His run defense tackling is definitely first rate

  3. Nice stats — and I hope they lead to the same result — but a lot of other teams have to perform the same way as well

  4. ….lots of things could (and probably will) change

  5. "Absolutely necessary" = Chase's long-term health, not winning this particular game.

  6. No what I'm saying is that people keep saying let's save him for the games coming up because they're important. By saying that people are inferring that this game against Tennessee is an important when in reality it's practically a must win game. That's all I'm saying. If the dudes injured then don't play, I'm not mad about that.

  7. I agree with that and that this game is important, too

  8. I was with you until you said “beautiful”….

  9. In limiting Nashville’s rush offense, I agree with you, the interior defensive line will be critical.

  10. Yeah I get that. Both the Ravens and Bengals have looked inconsistent this year at times. Reminds me of the Russ offense where I could never tell what offense was going to be playing on Sunday. Rooting for you guys as a Seahawks fan, I was pulling so hard for you guys to beat the Rams last year and was rooting for you the entire playoffs.

  11. Thanks….that’s very kind of you and extremely nice to hear

  12. The good thing is: They look especially vulnerable right now. More so now (at this point in the season) than in any prior year where Belicheat was at the helm that I can remember

  13. Definitely above the New York football Giants

  14. I Went to the Duck Hodges vs Ryan Finley game a few weeks after this picture was taken. I think it was the lowest attended game in PBS history with around 45,000 in attendance, having 70% Steelers fans in attendance. Drove 8 hours round trip from Akron to watch the boys play.

  15. You do have to give upper management credit for increasing their competitive edge.

  16. You could say that but I listed seasons around those referenced in the post by

  17. I mean hey at least he got paid and does not have to worry about being injured. I say that's a win in his book.

  18. It is. It is a good thing for him and his family

  19. Cheap rookie contract that provides insurance with someone that has experience and knows our system

  20. I get it, but if you can’t count on him until everyone else is hurt, what are you really saving by keeping him on the roster.? Totally two different ways of viewing that spot

  21. So when were all healthy were always gonna have a healthy scratch, he's depth and cheap, and cutting him saves no money. Why cut him?

  22. I hate playing you guys because I like you and I love Ja'Marr.. I've related to Bengals fans and always enjoyed Bengals football (Besides Burfict) from afar. I don't hate the Bengals because of what happened in Nashville last year.. It was just shitty that it happened to us, from someone who was like us.

  23. I respect your post & opinion but, obviously, hoping for a repeat of the final outcome from last year

  24. Of course. Listen, if you walk away with the W just don't take my heart with you this time

  25. You might not believe this but I totally understand what you mean!

  26. Damn CBS hates Herbert, 13? You got brady, Rodgers, cousins, jimmy g and dak over him? Like even a case he is better then Lamar rn but damn that’s cold

  27. Sam is a punk and the biggest punk in the whole league

  28. I one hundred percent agree with this

  29. …from your post to GOD’s will

  30. I hope the interior defensive lineman were just resting up for battling Tennessee’s offensive line to take Derrick Henry down

  31. I wonder how much it would cost to re-sign him? Obviously we’ve got a lot of extensions to consider (Burrow, Chido, Higgins, Reader), and it would be really nice to bring back Vonn Bell as well, but considering he’s a run defense-first guy and not an every-down player, I don’t think he’d be too expensive.

  32. Bell isn’t an every down Safety?

  33. Terrible wording on my part, I was referring to Pratt. From what I’ve seen he usually plays roughly 2/3 of downs.

  34. Been there; done that; got the t-shirt, and wore it home!

  35. The chiefs sucked before Mahomes, the bills sucked before allen. Your point does not have factual history

  36. Before Burrow but under Taylor the Bengals had the worst two year record in the league

  37. Hi folks I don't wanna pile on the o line but they probably also keep track of tipped passes caused by the guy rushing a particular blocker. Some of this may be just a matter of training for the o line and Burrow as a unit.

  38. My opinion: It is definitely a good part of offensive line effectiveness and diligence

  39. Also factor in offensive line ineptitude as well

  40. That is PhD level thinking right there

  41. Such a good feeling to have a young core of guys that seem like genuinely good human beings

  42. I haven’t seen the game yet; because of other commitments I needed to tape the Cincy game as well as the 8:00PM game.

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