1. Am I delirious from the nap I just woke up from or did she put it on her right hand for the pic in the second slide

  2. I remember Zsuzsanna Anderson going on a rant about Home Depot years ago (or, as she referred to it, "Homo" Depot) and that she would no longer patronize the company... maybe a year or so later, she posts a pic of her shopping itinerary or something along those lines, and guess what was on the list.

  3. Translation: she had morning sex for the first time today and now thinks everyone else should do it too. And she noticed Dav had morning wood so that's where she would've got the hormones thing from lol

  4. Bruh. I mean it's normal to find other people attractive even when you're in a relationship, but I would never think of it as "on the hunt" for a partner. I see someone attractive, I think "nice" and then forget they exist a second later. Wtf Bethy. Please find someone you actually like ffs

  5. That's pretty mean of him to say imo. I'd feel insulted if my bf said that to me, which I think is how she feels too judging by how she spent three clips talking about it and how ~ totally unbothered ~ she is. My bf and I both have very little say in what the other wears. I only ask his opinion if I feel like it, and I only share mine if it's positive unless maybe if we're going to some special event and something looks really unflattering or whatever

  6. Kristen is projecting so hard lmao. Miss Imagines Other Men While Fucking Her Husband. Or was it masturbation she was imagining because Zac doesnt know how/care to give her pleasure? These women are so miserable and love to make it everyone else's problem

  7. JFC not every single thing you ever do is about your ridiculous lifestyle. Congratufuckinglations, you got a hair trim. It's not that inspirational.

  8. Apparently trimming your hair regularly does make it grow healthier/faster because it prevents split ends from travelling up the hair shaft and ig the more damaged your hair is the slower it grows. So that's true

  9. Daaavveee sees communication as a form of blackmail?!?! Wtf?

  10. He thinks that because Bethy has gaslit him into thinking it

  11. “Of course it didn’t really happen! I’m just SUCH a Brilliant Girlbosssexytime Coordinator, I know how these things happen!” Eyeroll emoji, smug emoji, hashtag StayTheIntercourse

  12. Of course she doesn't know the word demonized means something different than literal possession.

  13. I've seen this movie, it's worse than any of you can imagine. Kirk spends half of it blatantly making shit up about the Bible in order to justify the existence of American capitalist Christmas

  14. I link to a lot of other people pulling shit out of their ass with no formal training or certification.

  15. My money is on Elissa having liked the idea of Android (leaving the autocorrect fail because it amused me) more than Andrii himself, which is pretty par for the course for the Bairds and fundie culture in general.

  16. That household sounds so exhausting. Would be actual torture to a shy introvert like me

  17. So many rules! So many contradictory factors one must follow perfect lest you not be found pure enough. Surely, that is harmless and can't cause confusion or emotional damage. /s

  18. Why is she dressed like a mum in a 2000's ad for a shitty vegetable slicing gadget

  19. Firstly, weird of the counsellor to say. Secondly, weird of Bethy to casually share like it's normal. What the actual fuck

  20. That clip where Dav says it's "schizophrenic" to have sex before marriage always makes me want to punch him in his stupid fucking face

  21. I can’t believe people are convinced he isn’t as shitty as his wife, like the #freemelania idiots

  22. Yeah, that clip should really be the nail in the coffin for anyone still doing Dav apologia

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