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  1. So wait, you jacked off and came at the gym.. then went and continued to work out ? Not sure how anyone is able to look past this. That’s really gross tbh

  2. Welcome back, my Lord. I’ve been awaiting this moment for years. Now let’s go get those filthy mudbloods!

  3. If Hermione got that mamba mentality then yeah she would be OP for sure. Like OP OP

  4. Thanks everyone, truthfully the best feeling is just knowing your not alone. Support systems are key to everything in life and well thanks for this little support system of redditors. I will use the advise you all offered and I think it’s going to be very helpful so thanks again to you all.

  5. I’m ngl my son was born just over 2 weeks ago and I have become mr mum. The whole thing about being a parent is learned for men and instinct for women is total bs. Obviously that depends on how much you wanna be involved in the daily/nightly baby grind.

  6. Man, that’s how I feel I will be. Hopefully! Ha but yeah I feel like as soon as little man comes I’m gonna be a straight mr mom. I’m definitely gonna do my prep work but I also just have think inkling feeling that I’m gonna go above and beyond for this kid

  7. No i think the movie makes it way more enjoyable as the book drags stuff on so much to the point it’s boring like the first scene in 12 Grimauld place where they spend like 3 chapters on about cleaning the place or how in the final they’re going into about 20 different rooms with nothing happening

  8. You think the movie makes the story more enjoyable than the book? Absolutely what did you just say?!

  9. Wow, I can’t believe it took me this fucking long to realize that is Rhys. I feel so dumb lol. Damn, I’m looking at him and Otto is a completely different light lol

  10. Aemond is too unstable. Arya would use that to her advantage quite easily.

  11. I’m sorry did Vhagar not feast on Luke and Arrax? Lmao, yes that’s PRECISELY what happened. Go away you lil baby.

  12. You don’t understand the post 🤣🤣🤣 goin way over your head.

  13. Have to confess I teared a bit when King Viserys was having diner and seamed pleased with his family… I thought he was going to die from happiness right there

  14. I imagine that’s how Viserys made Balerion feel on his final days as well, such a good guy. 🥲

  15. I mean Luke and Jace already jumped in before the bastard comments.

  16. Yeah after Aemond punched both girls, this is right after Rhae just told Jace the importance of comforting supporting and defending those girls

  17. He chucked her to the wall and into the ground, his first reaction was violence. None of the kids really handled the situation correctly, but he a lil bitch for layin hands on the girls like that.

  18. Tbh the eldest is meant to watch out for the younger brothers, in the case of allicent where she has this fear of doom, sticking together as family may be the only thing they had in the world, she sure love her kids.

  19. I mean really, they should have a kingsgaurd with the children at all times. Especially Jace.. the future king..

  20. This is one of the things that confuses me about HOTD. Daemon is a part of the royal family and yet other lords and nobles have no fears talking down to him or physically restraining him. During episode one he was the heir to the throne but Otto spoke to him like he was shit(Daemon gave it all back and worse) but I’m not understanding how he or any other noble or kings guard member gets away with it? Like shouldn’t there be consequences for talking to or about a royal like that? A lowborn knight like Criston getting away with acting as he does towards Rhaenyra’s kids is confusing because it makes it seem like they have no status when in actuality Jace is the heir so it doesn’t make sense that Criston can treat him brutally in front of Viserys without consequence? Alicent cuts Rhaenyra in front of the court and there is no consequence for attacking the heir to the throne? Obviously Alicent is Queen and their kids have just had a major conflict but I can’t help but think it’s treason?! Like the act itself is treason and Viserys is weak in not making a bigger deal out of it(I’m aware that this is an intended character flaw of Viserys). I guess what I’m saying is there feels like little distinction between royals and nobles in HOTD because there is no difference in levels of respect based on status. What power does Daemon have over anyone but the lowest level of servant even as a Prince of the realm? Does it matter if you are a prince or a princess when lords and lady’s seem to garner equivalent levels of respect?

  21. Just to engage in conversation I would like to argue that most of the realm most likely views all living Targaryen’s and Varyions for the matter, children at this point. None of them have really earned anything, hell even Cole was picked because he was the only person who ever saw fighting. They all expect everyone to bow down to them and they lean on stories a lot, even last episode, Rhae claimed how Alicents actions deserved harsh punishment almost as if that’s what is known from stories. If not for the dragons, they would get overthrown quickly at this period of time.

  22. As the viewer you should not feel that way because unlike the adults in the scene, you actually saw how the events played out. Did he deserve to lose an eye? Probably not, but that kid laid hands on multiple female cousins, a very young boy, and another boy who is smaller than him. And he threatened them with a rock, getting attacked was honestly the most justified response in the entire scene.

  23. Kingsgaurd are honestly probably all so confused and on edge like yeah y’all need to chill the f out and handle this lil family BS, call me when you really need me

  24. Leanor and Rhae decided to burn the corpse so the kids can grow up saying “my father was burnt to death”

  25. Leanor abandoned his grief stricken mother who already was broken over her daughters death. He abandoned the boys who up until recently known him as their father. Yea so cool for leanor

  26. I mean heartbreak hurts sure, but not compared to the miserable life Leanor had to watch his mother endure. He didn’t abandon the boys, he was never there to begin with. Daemon will raise them to be much better warriors anyways.

  27. TBF, he gained a dragon BEFORE he lost his eye. The dialogue would have made sense if if was Vhagar that burned his eye or something

  28. I thought the end of the last episode was setting us up for his death in this one

  29. But you don’t even need to be pure Targaryen to ride a dragon, look at Laenor

  30. Laenor is of house Velaryon, who is originally from Valeria. They are amongst the original dragonlords, they can fly.

  31. So if there was an planned assassination attempt on the King’s life, and Ser Criston Cole ended the ceremonies by doing what he did…

  32. When you get the s8 budget on your first season, I would hope so.

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