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  1. what are the new mmr ranges for 1s, 2s and 3s? also distribution for s2 when

  2. 6/10 ssl rewards, i dont think i want to complete them now

  3. I fuckin told Fairy Peak on stream when he was acting like Barrage is a free win "don't be too cocky, you know karma is strong with Vitality"

  4. are there any clips of fairy being cocky? it would be good on the rl moments before disaster twitter

  5. Bluey and Rams both tagged Tadpole in RelatingWave's tweet about his rank, so could be him maybe. That's as likely to be bait as anything though!

  6. It's a meme within the rl twitter community to tag tadpole in any tweet that celebrates hitting a new rank or mmr because tadpole used to always tweet whenever he hit one

  7. So is it their most recent ones from League Play, most recent period, or do you actually have them all from every League Play game?

  8. It's the last series that they played in the playoffs with

  9. Hey could you please post this as an imgur/image post? This post unfortunately falls under our self-promotion rule and so has been removed. I know that your intent isn't to self promote, but I hope you can understand that making exceptions is dangerous.

  10. Will do, sorry for the trouble ❤️

  11. What do you take into account when you say Season 4 was a "very good and competitive season by the majority of players"? Seems like a very rose-tinted glasses point of view.

  12. the opinions of most players that I've spoken to that are currently GC, most of them have had a very positive and vibrant opinion when looking back at S4 and S5 of rocket league and frequently compare those days compared to the last couple seasons now

  13. Thanks a lot!! I’m still bronze silver but hoping that something in here will help me.

  14. Most of the mechanics there are champ+, if you want one thatll help you the most id reccomend way proteins spreadsheet which is also on that page

  15. whoops, every season except S2.

  16. This has always baffled me, i've managed to download worlds replays from season 9. I've always wanted to watch games from just panda or ferras perspective. But i can never open the .replay files or put them into rl ;-; how do you do it?

  17. you're supposed to download them and the drag them into your replay folder, then they show up in your replays

  18. The thing is, you don't have to follow the footsteps of your father. My father did the same thing among a lot of his other mistakes, but I didn't copy what he did, but instead saw him as a bad example. It's common principle that people are equal to their upbringing, but that doesn't need to be the case when you're clearly given a bad example.

  19. how are kids supposed to know a bad example if they're raised and nurtured by the "bad examples"? it's almost like the people surrounding them are what normally influence them into what they say and what type of person they are at that age

  20. I already have the flair but I was wondering if I could change the custom flair text to "1s, 2s, 3s GC | shimmy"

  21. it's in the sidebar im pretty sure, I got mine in s8 so i don't know if the method is the same

  22. I got gc (I’ve lost it but i go up and down ( I’ve got my 10 wins for gc reward)) and idk

  23. I think it's still ok, they just want proof of you hitting gc and im pretty sure rewards is ok as proof

  24. Not really, stop commenting such generic crap

  25. It’s now been more than a couple of hours,, ( 2 and a half ) still no rewards, only seems to be pc players

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