1. Was it found less than .1mm from the margin, or only .1mm was found. Mine was from the margin, which isnt super. In my case (same kind, er/pr +, her2 -) I had surgery first, and chemo now followed my radiation. But my surgeon said there's nothing more they can remove, they already did the mastectomy. Let us know what they tell you when they finally do

  2. So similarly to the response you received, I was told “there is nothing more they can do”, in terms of surgery. It’s not a great indicator and my oncologist was “very disappointed”. He has decided to put me on a new drug after my radiation (in addition to tamoxifen, zoladex and an aromatase inhibitor) that requires an infusion every 6 months. I didn’t catch the name of the drug. It will be a few months until I start that.

  3. I'd love to hear the name so I can ask about it, whenever you do find the name. It'll be awhile for me before I do that too. I'm in for my second chemo treatment today, then radiation still. But it's definitely disappointing to get that result, although it's good that there's potentially another option that could help

  4. I also took CBD gummies for nausea. They really helped. And making sure I had food in my stomach was instrumental. For me hunger always meant nausea

  5. What kind of cbd gummies did you take? Thats I think the direction I'm going to try next but there's a million different variations

  6. That's so not true. I capped and met many more women from Canada who did as well. My hospital had Dignicap machines, and the nurse and oncologists supported anyone capping 100%.

  7. Seriously? Where in Canada are you? Here in Winnipeg they said no

  8. I was in Montreal, but have met women online from across the country. A woman from Kelowna was featured on CBC explaining her journey with cancer and capping a few years back. There is an amazing Facebook group for cold capping. Its infuriating that some hospitals take that choice away from patients.

  9. That's super frustrating to me!! It was definitely something I would have wanted to at least try. Thank you for this information though

  10. I had an auxiliary lymph node dissection, 28 nodes removed, 25 came back positive with cancer. I will say, the drain stayed in longer there than on my breasts from my DMX, but they still removed it at 2 weeks. I do have a bit of cording right now, but working on that, and it's not permanent. I've been fortunate and had zero lymphedema, and have zero limits right now on movement or exercises, beyond what my body can handle (6 weeks post op). I'm 40, and was very active prior to my diagnosis, competing in bodybuilding competitions. So while they'll always give you the worst case scenarios, that doesn't mean you'll be one of them.

  11. I used mine lots, but could have done with a normal pillow if needed. I wore mine for the first few days to remind my kids to be gentle with me, and to hold my ice packs in the right place. I also still use it to sleep (3.5 weeks post op). Again though, while I use mine a lot, it can definitely be done without one if needed.

  12. I use an app called Otter to record my appointments, it actually transcribes the conversation, as well as records it. The transcription isn't amazing, but since it records the conversation as well I can go back and hear it all without needing to take notes. I use the free version, it gives you 300 minutes a month.

  13. I had my double mastectomy and lymph node dissection yesterday, and I gotta say while I don't feel super, I do feel way better than I expected to be feeling at this point. The drain locations are bugging me, but hopefully they'll come out next week when I meet the nurse to get my bandages changed.

  14. I think I was on such a fugue state during the “figure it out time” I felt completely useless. I wandered around my house a lot looking at things that could be done, but not doing them.

  15. This is 100% me right now. Surgery set for Nov 15th, but I'm completely useless wandering around in the mean time

  16. Recovery is definitely a long process of baby steps. Remember to consciously breath deeply and fill your lungs. Be aware of posture, I didn’t realize how much I started hunching to avoid strain. If you can do RMT as well as physio I recommend it. My rmt eliminated any scar tissue as well as teaching my muscles to relax after the surgery.

  17. Hi, sorry still new to all the acronyms, what's RMT?

  18. Registered Massage Therapy- look for someone with post mastectomy training. Sorry that you’ve joined the club. ❤️

  19. I'm the first in my family, diagnosed at 40. I am getting genetic testing done though, meeting with them next week.

  20. I'm only a week ahead of you. The waiting game is brutal. My results came in exactly one week later, and I found out on Wednesday that all three sites are in fact cancer. Now it's back to waiting til Thursday to meet with a surgeon. Once you get the pathology results you'll have a better idea of what info is relevant to your case cause it's so overwhelming all of the information and possibilities out there. Try to have grace and patience with yourself. I'm still flip flopping between trying to find info and being completely overwhelmed at all of it. Let us know how it goes and I hope you get your results quickly

  21. OMG, seriously? I've had vitiligo since I was 3 or 4, but it's been slowly getting better and now at 40 its not too bad. Except I just got my official breast cancer diagnosis today. I had no clue chemo could cause it in anyone, I guess it'll start going the way again. Super. But thanks for the heads up, and sorry you now have that fun little addition.

  22. Wanted to update again as I have more info on my biopsy results. The main lump of concern is in fact cancerous. The lymph node and the lump in my other breast were safe/benign. In prepping for the results I of course googled all my options for treatment and was really hoping that if there was something bad that then a lumpectomy would be enough, possibly radiation, but was hoping to avoid chemo given that it complicated fertility. The results were given to me by my gyno who was the doctor who suggested I get the lump checked out in the first place. It's still very early stage it seems. She did say chemo might be likely but I'm really hoping that talking to an oncologist will change/clarify that since it is early stage. But ultimately I'm aware if chemo is needed I'll do it.

  23. Thank you for sharing, I'd love an update if you can. I had my biopsy this morning from 3 sites, one of which was the reason I went to the doctor in the first place, the others were recommended from the ultrasound. I wasn't ever told my rating, but happened to be left in the room where my referral was sitting out, so I took a picture for later. And it showed me as BI-RADS 5. And now have an appointment with an oncology surgeon that will be after my results are in. I assume that just means bad news.

  24. It's on one of the coach's corner YouTube videos the two of them did together (TEP and Atlas) but I don't remember which one.

  25. Definitely cringy to be trying to profit from this

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