1. Some plants, such as corn and broccoli, won't grow in coir.

  2. The trial was to test seed starting and potting mixes. I run a small farm and commonly start my seeds in the greenhouse and then plant them in the field as transplants

  3. I’ve read that coco coir can be salty?

  4. Ive heard this as a possibility for the compressed blocks. The more expensive bagged products though should have been washed already

  5. This seems perfect use case for an autonomous machine

  6. Imposing builders remedy would be pretty big. Grab your popcorn folks

  7. Have you visited? Its pretty remote out that way. Also not the answer you want to receive but I agree with other posters, I do not recommend doing this

  8. Thanks for the heads up, just added it on. I wonder if they're notified once the AAA membership ends

  9. The spray painted "USA" with an arrow is a nice touch (and yes I know its a utility marking)

  10. The older grid-based LA metro cities are nowhere near as bad.

  11. Lots were built around the expansive streetcar network

  12. Im not sure about versions but this is an older one (10+ years)

  13. I just picked one up im trying to convert, what did you use for rear derailleur and freewheel. Stock gearset is 14-28 7 speed with sram x4 derailleur. Would love to upgrade them.

  14. Mine has a funky 9 speed freewheel (didnt even know those existed prior to owning this bike). The derailleur is an older basic Shimano MTB one

  15. The impact of towing on the range of an EV is roughly commensurate with an ICE equivalent. It depends heavily on the size, weight, and shape of the trailer.

  16. Thanks, that would have been a good thing for me to mention. This would be for around town only

  17. I did not know about holding the home button to get back to Android Auto! That is super useful!

  18. Not all mct oil is created equal for sebderm, make sure you find the one with the right formula or the yeast could potentially feed on it

  19. How would I find the right one? I know that if I use coconut oil, I get horrible flare ups. I've had to use petroleum based products because as you say, they cant be fed on

  20. Ohhh thats why the place was packed. Just drove by today

  21. If its a fixed schedule, the car itself can do that (thats how I have mine set, charges only from midnight to 3pm)

  22. My local public court just got a Vaptr! Super cool machine

  23. After skimming through one 5 minute video I now think I can build it way cheaper than 3k.

  24. It is pricey but its well built and engineered. Im sure someone could figure out their own but would take quite a bit of time and effort. We crowdfunded the purchase so each of us just kicked in a little bit and now we all can enjoy it

  25. What a tremendous waste of time, resources, and our time left on earth.

  26. Had the same thought. We're capable of so much....yet we create this

  27. Ha, this is what I was hoping to see. I came from a Leaf and "close" meant guess o meter showing dashes and turtle mode on.

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