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  1. Since he was drafted he’s been putting up 600-700 total yards a year which is exactly what was needed from him. He’ll never be a star like JT or MPJ but he is a proven versatile player that makes the offense better when he’s on the field.

  2. I think it was the Jags game where he was involved in the first series and had some chunk plays and then we just never went back to him again. It blew my mind.

  3. Unless they’re using ppg as our total ranking then we aren’t actually 32nd. We are 19th in yards which is the normal standard used in ranking offenses.

  4. It's DVOA. Here's the quick definition "DVOA measures a team's efficiency by comparing success on every single play to a league average based on situation and opponent."

  5. I’m speaking to the “total ranking 32nd.” He lists our offense 32nd twice. One is DVOA the other is ppg I’m assuming, but no one uses ppg to rank offenses lol.

  6. Oh I see what you're saying. I think that second 32 is for the team overall though isn't it?

  7. He got.paid and hes sucking. Dont care what he did last year.

  8. He wasn't great last year either. Above average, but not elite. I know he was dealing with injuries but really wish we didn't give him that contract until seeing him play more.

  9. Who is more to blame this season Ballard or Reich? I'm leaning more Ballard IMO because of the glaring needs that were ignored but damn coaching is so bad

  10. I'm leaning the other way. I think this team is more talented than these performances and Frank's play calling and decision making is just awful. I don't know who has final say about the lineup but some of those decisions are awful too.

  11. Besides 18, Freeney and Mathis. Growing up nothing was more exciting to me than strip sacks. Those two guys were so much fun to watch

  12. Just wait. Shits gonna get even worse going forward

  13. Keep the smart ones busy and the dumb ones struggling

  14. Don't forget also in prison... it's very lucrative to our overlords

  15. Spoke to Gamestop chat yesterday. They said to give it until Friday and if the code hasn't come in yet to contact them back for assistance.

  16. So like... would it be wise to have some gold and silver stock piled for when the dollar means nothing?

  17. I'm all for bailing out other states when they need help.... IF they have a history of being in favor of bailing out other states when they need it.

  18. Am I going fucking crazy?! He wasn't running a route, he literally came back to block the DB!

  19. I feel the same way looking at the thread. Looked blatant as hell

  20. Bench Pryor and Pinter and start Raimann and Fries. Then make sure assignments are drilled non stop in practice. Seemed like everyone was having issues with knowing who to block yesterday

  21. I don't think Pryor needs to be benched necessarily. He looked a lot better this week. Raimann is currently dealing with some kind of injury as well.

  22. Pryor did a lot better than I thought this week. I still think Rainmann is playing better and would benefit from more action. Hoping the injury isn't serious and he gets more involved

  23. Bowen followed this up with saying that since Spring he's called the injury situation complicated/odd/weird.

  24. Pryor and Pinter played better than the starters last year when they had to fill in. Can't really fault the staff for thinking they'd be serviceable. Having said that, I'd love to see Raimann and Fries starting. Might even consider putting Pinter in at center since that's where he looked good at.

  25. Pinter is way too physically weak right now. Dude needs to seriously work on his strength and conditioning. He's a liability on the line because he gets blown into the backfield nearly every play. Fries is much bigger and stronger than him and should get starting reps.

  26. Oh interesting. I had no idea big Q had to do that. Really wonder what happened to Pinter over the off season to have such a drop off in his play.

  27. Antoine Bethea. I loved watching him play so much. I don't remember the game but someone gave up a big play and he hustled all the way down the field to tackle the guy on like the 4 yard line. Ended up holding them to 3 and it was huge later on. He was always high effort and came through in the clutch.

  28. Fo sho, really wished he would've spent his whole career here.

  29. It shouldn’t last. He’s proven every year he’s been in the league to be an effective pass rusher.

  30. My hope is that we relegate him to obvious passing downs only. I think he's an extreme liability outside of rushing the passer.

  31. My similarly unpopular opinion is that we shouldn't have extended him until seeing him in action this year.

  32. Move pinter to center, Pryor to RG, and Raimann at LT

  33. What's weird is that Paye has ~74 pff grade. How we manage so few pressures is beyond me

  34. Start Raimann at LT, Move Pinter to C, and start Fries at RG.

  35. I'm with you on Raimann and Fries. It seems blatantly obvious they're our best options.

  36. it’s the route I honestly would go with. Pinter looked fantastic last season at C. Since Kelly’s been playing terrible, I’d be all for switching them out.

  37. Yeah, Pinter crushed it last year. Makes his terrible play at guard so confusing. I know they're different positions, but damn I didn't think they'd be that hard to transition between.

  38. Well Facyson is doing an awful good job in game so I don’t see why we would ever switch things up

  39. Is he playing that bad? While I think Rodgers would be better, the weak links right now seem to be Kenny and the safety group play.

  40. You know what's weird? When I have rath set equipped I get them fine in drops and upgrades but when I have trag set equipped I literally get 0, and I only noticed this when to switched to trag and was trying to make them and literally never got one, then when I went back to Rath, I got like 10 of them. Probably just weird RNG but worth a try if your not getting any. Can't hurt.

  41. Damn, you're right. I switched my build and got one in like two rifts. Good call.

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