[homemade] Neapolitan Pizza

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  1. Bridge crew and chain operator are thanking gods its heavier than air, but poor engine and deck crew

  2. That queue of semi driver all got fucked. You can see the front few trying to bail and then at the end people running from their trucks.

  3. You won’t be disappointed! I worked at an Italian restaurant in cincy and would get it every day after my shift. San Marzano tomato sauce truly brings it home too! My old chef was from Naples, 900f or higher pizzas for life!

  4. No problem! Heres an easy video to follow for the sauce

  5. Right back at you! So glad for our late-night search party.

  6. So are these kittens all found for the most part? My parents live on apgar off dry run and this boils my blood. We would take them at our farm they would love catching the mice

  7. Basically everything from George Carlin should be on

  8. I just watched his two part hbo documentary it was insane how true it all still is. Wild how long it’s been with little change

  9. For me it was going to a zip line that had a 250lb weight limit and I weighed 247. Was anxious the whole time

  10. Thats the impression i got. But i dont know the yield or area of destruction a missile like this would cause.

  11. Someone in a Twitter thread had a better video angle. It banks hard left and down and hits. Doesn’t actually look like it his the launch site at all

  12. I’m trying to become a dasher and my initial attempt was waitlisted. I read to deactivate and try in another zip code. Well my phone number is tied to it somehow still and there’s apparently no way to remove it. The woman suggested I get a new phone number to be a dasher. I have another job I just need extra money so I can’t just change my damn phone number but apparently that’s the only way to fix it. I’m beyond pissed and I need money bad These people suck

  13. Throwing a vape in your toiletry bag is my limit. I have a “friend” that flew to Vegas with an 8 ball in his mouth. Some of us are just different lol

  14. sounds like a pretty terrible way to go, especially compared to this pod

  15. Can you stop this pod from killing you if you have second thoughts??

  16. The way it works is you get in, and you can sit there for as long as you want. And when you're ready, you push a button. Nothing happens until you push the button. And after you push it, there's no more second thoughts, no thoughts at all.

  17. Don’t be sad fellow bengals fan! This is our year!

  18. "Lets use COVID as an arbitrary excuse to make things worse for people if we can suck some extra dollars from them"

  19. Cheap ass Cincinnati reds are doing this to fans for a terrible team. Needless to say it’s been the least attended season at our stadium.

  20. What are you talking about. I've been bringing in food and drinks multiple times this year into GABP. I'm actually happy that security there is no longer accusing me of smuggling alcohol in my camera.

  21. Just now realizing my initial comment was on the wrong thread lol. Cincinnati for sure is still nice about bringing food in. If anything they just ask me for a slice

  22. She does it throughout the whole video, especially at the end.

  23. Holy shit you’re not lying. That must’ve been quite the smell for her to keep going back for more

  24. A photo from a recent trip to Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA. The castle is amazingly beautiful as well as everything around it.

  25. Or if they’re yelling a lot you rub your eyes in a crying motion like that Charlie and Mac meme from IASIP. That always seems to get them super enraged and makes me laugh.

  26. I usually do a lil tapping between my thumb and pointer finger symbolizing their small penis. The rolling coal crowd loves that one

  27. That is wild. At 28 I was out partying until 4 am every weekend still. 20s is still really young

  28. Well I will add that 20-27 I partied my ass off and just recently kicked a weekend 8 ball habit so. I enjoy being able to sleep and wake up at 5 instead of hearing birds chirping trying to fall asleep

  29. I get it, but like all things, moderation is important.

  30. Oh for sure and I do lol I just don’t go out of my way looking for it anymore. And it’s not like I would do that myself I would share the love being a social drug and all

  31. I'm pretty old and remember when Oral used to be a real name back in the day. There was a famous preacher named Oral Roberts - he's probably named after him. My uncle's name was Ace Billy, after Billy Graham. They all had weird names. My grandma was Jimmie B, her brother was called, get this - BOOG (as in booger). And there was Ora T and Sister and Freda P and more - all real names not nicknames.

  32. It’s like an episode of righteous gemstones up in here

  33. I love Mookie, man. Mookie, Freeman, Bellinger. How is it possible that the Dodgers have so many players that I just can’t help but like?!

  34. They have the opposite strategy as the small market teams like the reds. We give all our likeable players away and teams like the dodgers buy them

  35. This is a couple hours from where I live. Tons of people go to the Walmart every week, load up carts and walk out. Security is not supposed to interfere because a year ago a guard got stabbed. Police here are brutally overrun and don’t show up for anything. This country is falling apart.

  36. Yeah someone just got killed in Cincinnati for trying to stop a shoplifter at Walmart. It’s not worth it

  37. Nobody should treat their employees this badly.

  38. He wasn’t even an employee just a random guy shopping. Dead at 32 or so now

  39. Not sure where exactly this video was taken, but pretty much the whole city got hit.

  40. Yeah I got blasted was just curious I wish I saw this cloud

  41. One thing I have learned lurking on Reddit for many years is to never ask Reddit for dating or relationship advice. These mofos will assume the worst from the most simple things and will tell you to break up without fail every time as a top comment. It could be mundane stuff like "My boyfriend bites his fingernails, what do I need to do to make him stop?" and they give the dumbest advice I have ever seen.

  42. If he’s biting his fingernails that means he’s nervous! And if he’s nervous then he’s definitely cheating! Dump that guy stat!

  43. It actually belonged to the park. It was employee housing

  44. Public transport. My dad was a freight railroader, which comes with its own issues. Being a conductor is a bit like being a babysitter and a mechanic in one. An engineer is better for folks that like the public a bit less.

  45. Oh that’s cool like the L train or whatever it’s called?

  46. He loved it for awhile and it’s an industry that draws in certain personalities. If you’re a creative type that loves to cook, a hard worker, a night owl, and you don’t care much about holidays off, it’s a great job. But he was salaried and worked about 80 hrs a week as a head chef for a restaurant that could seat 200+ in a Chicago suburb area. It was grueling. He left for a union job so he could have insurance and holiday pay. He’s now a train conductor and much happier. He cooks for fun now too. Some people thrive in that world but he wanted a life beyond the kitchen.

  47. Thanks for the detailed response I really appreciate it! Is he a conductor for commercial trade or public transportation? That sounds pretty cool too honestly

  48. Me too buddy! I will though. Never stayed anywhere too too long. Would love to get back out to a coast. Now in my mid 30s I would be happy with a nice city in the Midwest like Columbus, Chicago or… shit what’s another nice city in the Midwest?

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