1. Not true dell recovery doesn't take 4 hours but 1 hour less depending on the CPU and had drive

  2. I hope you be ok today i hope you have a nice day at the end of the day

  3. Check your ram take them out one by one to see if that change

  4. Yea im looking into some after today I just want one to where I won’t be seen lol

  5. you need to be strong and report her say the truth your there to work and she is bullying you.

  6. I feel afraid. I just don’t want them to treat me like I can’t handle this as an “adult” you know what I’m saying? I feel like this is a high school problem. How do I report this? What do I say?

  7. Talk to her then tell her what's her problem and why she is doing this to you

  8. What yours hotas model and what chair you have i would like the same configuration.

  9. Maybe it's a different universe.the reaper not all of them didn't die and we must fight them again and shepherd come back because he never die

  10. I think you need more power to the power supply like a 650 power supply should be better but 500 is to low for the 3060 and the CPU you have


  12. For me was a argument with my ex she got sick i told her to take over to get home.she dump me because she has a issue with germs and Uber are dirty she said so i should have know better.

  13. I am alone because I can't find a connection with someone but I love my freedom and Independence

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