1. Lol the people of that sub are straight up retarded

  2. What do you have against cash? You want your money and transactions to be controlled and surveilled by companies/government?

  3. I should take my no power steering FC up GMR 🤣

  4. what planet did you think IQ was the predictor of success? There are tons of people on Reddit who are book smart but have fuck all going for them in real life.

  5. It’s not a bad predictor, even this post admit it works up to the 90th percentile of wealth. But it’s not everything

  6. No, they just have overt contempt for education. See: the entire swath of the South.

  7. Same can be said of certain minorities in US cities? Or is that racist

  8. Happened to me over on ChoosingBeggars because I said I would give up my wife for a single night of romance with Scarlet Johansson—But I’m less than two weeks away from my amicable divorce being fully legal, we’ve already been to court, etc… There is no marriage left to preserve. Hive mind downvoted the crap out of me even after I clarified the dynamic of this rare moment in time, lol…

  9. That doesn’t make sense though, how can you give up something you’ve already lost? How can you exchange something you don’t have?

  10. Lmao can’t believe they are for real, that comment reads like a joke

  11. Good thing this is a digital space or people would be lootin and burnin shit

  12. This is what being terminally online looks like everybody.

  13. Wow buying a thing just so people can pay you for their right to live. I wonder why so many people hate them. "Yeah you can use this thing I didn't make and don't use for double the mortgage" fuck off

  14. Naturally this sub is triggered by any mention of the Bible.

  15. Don’t give up, because whether you lose fat or not, by doing resistance training you will definitely be building muscle. And when you do figure out how to lose the fat, then what’s underneath will be so much better

  16. sidebar how is the asshole that did the trail of tears still on our money?

  17. Because Andrew Jackson is cool

  18. Because he was one bad motherfucker, that’s why

  19. I mean, we got Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben off those extremely racist ass boxes.

  20. He made a lot of noise and yet I could not tell you one thing he said. His words slid off my brain like raindrops off a freshly waxed car.

  21. That’s because your brain is so perfectly smooth 🧠

  22. Not disagreeing with you, but you're missing some info. She's apparently been funding politicians in the UK that want to remove trans and LGBT rights.

  23. How tf is anybody listening to this disjointed, incoherent drivel and taking it seriously? Everything about this man screams grifter, even his silly little tux.

  24. If this is “incoherent” to you then I wonder what your SAT scores looked like

  25. Are you an adult bringing up SAT scores? What the hell? Lol

  26. I would be worried if these simple sentences are “incoherent” to you

  27. He just drippin, a redditor like you wouldn’t understand

  28. If you think Jordan Peterson is happier than ever you should check out his twitter. Dude is unhinged.

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