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  1. Deep breathing is the BEST go to. Learning to PAUSE.

  2. It never gets old. I'll second Kroger Cranberry Lime. I've tried all the brands and flavors. Get cheapest grocery store brand. LaCroix used to be a thing, but no more. I actually am brewing my first batches of Kombucha now, which is very exciting. Fizzy water for regular, Kombucha for treat for me. IWnDWYT

  3. This is why a recovery program helped me more than anything. When I finally sat down and wrote about all of my resentments I was astounded.

  4. Morning Chief! I like can't afford to carry resentments around as they will sink my ship. Letting go is hard. Even of things that aren't resentments. Have a good Monday, you too OP.

  5. Kudos! Are you talking weed or cigs? It's all good whatever smoking stopped. IWndWYT

  6. Cigs (10 years).Tried the weeds only one time never got into it.

  7. Super duper congrats getting off the cigs. I been there and understand completely. I quit cigs cold turkey 6 years ago. I have done breathing exercises the whole time. My lung capacity and deep breathing got better and better and it seems this year was some kind of breakthrough for the old lungs. Lucky weed didn't agree with you. It's trouble too, but cigs are WAY MORE addictive than almost anything, including heroin apparently.

  8. 2 weeks is pretty fresh. Everything will even out. Sleep is the best. IWndWYT

  9. I'm sorry for your loss. Congrats on 148 and strengthening relationship with your kids. You got this. IWnDWYT

  10. Congrats on a month! It's a feat! Keep going! IWnDWYT

  11. I'll take the chill and leave the dummy. Thanks! IWnDWYT

  12. i'm so sorry. Hope you got there safely and are feeling a lot better. Come join us on the sober train. It's a great ride. IWnDWYT

  13. The book Alcohol Explained spells it out it basic language how it works. Highly recommend. By William Porter. IWNdWyT

  14. I was looking for book recommendations. Will try it out once im done with my current book. Thank you.

  15. Another book often recommended here is This Naked Mind by Annie Grace. It's excellent too. Both come in audio also. TNM is about how society and advertising brainwash people to consume the poison aka alcohol and it really shifts perspective and makes it a total win to dump the booze.

  16. Congrats on 7 Hundy! Ass Piss. So gross. Booze sucks. Here's to feeling great!

  17. I got the handbook. It was $10-12. Worth It to me. Most of the info is also free on the website. I went to quite a few meetings. Each has it's own flavor and they are all on the CBT tools. My favorite was tool time as all the time was on the tools. AA has Zoom meetings online every hour. The directory updates every 15 minutes. I did books and podcasts too. I found useful information every where and believe take what works and leave the rest. IWNdWYT

  18. Here's the link. It's in the sidebar. There is a FAQ and a different link for mobile.

  19. I hope it is a Devilishly good day today celebrating #666. IWNDWYT

  20. I got tools. SMART Recovery dot org has a lot of free quit lit. AA zoom meetings directory updated every 15 minutes. Google it. IWNdWYT

  21. WTG!!! It keeps getting better and better. IwNDWYT

  22. You look great! Thanks for sharing your success. It is very motivating.

  23. Looking good! Amazing the changes in 13 months. IWnDWYT

  24. Woo-Hoo! Five Hundy Baybeee!!!! Rock star. IWNDWYT

  25. Welcome aboard. I got tools. The best book I read was Alcohol Explained by Wm Porter. I used SMART Recovery online dot org tools, which are based on CBT. I read a bunch of books and listened to podcasts. Checked out Zoom AA. I found useful tools everywhere. It's about learning new skills. There are five great exercises on SMART to do at the start that were very helpful: Cost Benefit Analysis, Hierarchy of Values, Time Wheel, and Plan of Change. Dumping the booze is all upside. IWnDWYT

  26. The booze CAUSES the anxiety, or magnifies it if there was an issue. I took Wellbutrin for a short while as a stop smoking strategy. It made cigarettes taste metallic. After a couple weeks I remember getting a really weird sensation like I wasn't me. Super weird and creepy. Later I learned the phrase de-personalization. Anyhoo, I quit taking it. Alcohol Explained was the best book to understand how the alcohol affects the body. Hint, it causes the body to dump adrenaline and cortisol in the body. Over time the body expects the booze cause it adapted to having it through the tolerance process, and now it is ANTICIPATING booze and getting ANXIOUS cause it needs a FIX. I'd dump the booze and exercise before trying more drastic stuff. IWNDWYT

  27. Congrats!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful achievement! IWnDWyT

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