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  1. Are you enraging them ? And they also come with bodyguards, so maybe you are doing something that enrages the warchief of perhaps you are attacking the wrong one ?

  2. I never have them enraged and make sure I’m going for the right one so I’m not sure

  3. are you sure you're not wearing lightkin grips already?

  4. Positive, I’m using the trials gauntlets and had lightkin as the ornament

  5. Like one of the comments said, there is a mission to start it. Somewhere in act 2 I believe. A quick YouTube search should help you If you've already done the mission then a simple uninstall reinstall should work if you haven't done it already.

  6. I’ve checked the mission log etc, not playing on ng+ either, redownloaded too (pretty much everything you said really) a while ago and still no luck

  7. When you Uninstalled was that the game itself or the dlc content? There should be an app on your home screen that says "bonus content".

  8. I don’t have either downloaded at the moment but when I did the bonus content app wouldn’t change anything wether it was downloaded or not

  9. I appreciate the help but I don’t have a PS5 yet, from what I’ve looked up I think my game disc is American even though i live in the uk; a similar thing happened with the legends mode where I had to make an American psn account, download legends there, play it and then go back to my main account where it then worked

  10. I've heard a lot of people who have international accounts where having trouble through I'm not sure what to do besides transferring their data via cloud storage regardless if they have a PS5 or not. I'm sorry :(

  11. Yeah it’s just a bit of a pain really, I could try but the game again maybe but I’m not sure if that would work, thanks for the help anyways!

  12. If you bought it, its there. Just play through act 1 and iki will open up.

  13. I’ve platinumed the game and finished the story aswell as ng+

  14. You have to replay Act 1 again to get there.

  15. Just purchased the directors cut update for ps4 but can't actually access the new island or anything. When I press x on the new island it just brings me to the store and says"content can't be selected".

  16. No not yet, I’m guessing I’ve got to in order to get the tarot card?

  17. Who has ever called a herd of animals “the meats”

  18. Was this originally sealed or you just organized the parts?

  19. Og sealed,I’m new to collecting bigger sets so idk if that’s a bad thing

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