1. People always complaining about inflation, yet every fucking restaurant, mall, store etc is fucking packed with people buying shit. If it’s so bad why is everything so packed with people? It’s like trying to get into a club to buy some fucking jeans.

  2. If I lived in Britain I’d get a passport as well. I mean who would want to live in third world country like Britain. Shit food, shit weather, ugly people gtfo. We think less of you britts than you’d ever like to believe.

  3. Who knew religion was intolerant? Oh yeah everyone for the last hundred years

  4. Who cares it’s fucking Canada, even Africa seems like a better option

  5. 1980 called they want their fucking joke back. Lame ass overused routine bit. What’s next bell bottoms?

  6. Too bad it wasn’t venomous and bit him in the dick, cause you know the joke no one’s sucking the venom out

  7. Fucking abusive whore being worshipped, she should be in jail fuck you op

  8. Lol market crash, homes are worth more than ever. Dunno where you are finding these affordable houses.

  9. Can anyone with a big brain explain if this is photoshopped or if it’s real.

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