Luang Pho Yai, or Luang Ta as he’s also been referred to, is a 109-year-old Buddhist monk in Thailand.

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  1. Holy shit, glad you weren’t seriously injured. What happened to your gun? And why did you drop the cartridge back into the chamber?

  2. Hey, nice to see you. I’m a fan of your channel. You convinced me to get the Glock 45. I agree that it balances really well compared to the 17 and 19.

  3. If it’s the Elite model, $700 is a good deal and you should take it.

  4. These Islamic videos always have catchy background music. 😂

  5. The DR920 uses the same length guide rod as MR920, so the slide has a “nose” at the front (like a G34 or MR920L).

  6. “Excommunicado” by Boogeyman Customs

  7. Ayee I just got the DR920 elite and I have a SRO on mine too lol 😆 welcome to the club

  8. Thanks, you too! Shadow Systems’ popularity is growing! This subreddit won’t be under 1,000 members for long.

  9. If it’s a Glock in .45 GAP or some other dumb caliber, then no (don’t buy) 😂.

  10. yeah i suppose 45gap or one thats been supremely mangled by someone (Bubba's home made stippling) then i guess it could be no...maybe lol.

  11. Oh yeah, I’ve seen a few of those on Armslist. It’s a weird feeling of both funny and sad.

  12. How does it shoot w/ the SRO? Thinking of putting one on my DR920 Elite.

  13. Trijicon SRO. Also, this is very important: Make sure you get a real optics mounting plate (such as CHPWS or Forward Controls). The OEM ones from Glock are iffy.

  14. Some players use Cold Blooded perk, which negates the effect of Combat Scout.

  15. He doesn’t need makeup to feature in The Walking Dead.

  16. Halloween Kills = no suspense, too gory to be scary, predictable

  17. Will our stats carry over to the new Warzone?

  18. Search: “A Terribly Disturbing Ego Battle”. It’s the first video. Be warned: it’s terribly disturbing indeed.

  19. The USP beats Glock in cool factor, but let’s face it: A Glock can do everything a USP does and better (size, weight, capacity).

  20. Buybacks is infinitely better for solos but for trios and quads it’s an absolute fiesta. Final circles are pure chaos lol

  21. Buybacks stop in the last few circles though.

  22. Nice, what defensive ammo are you using?

  23. Federal Punch HJP 230 grain. Picked up a couple boxes to have on hand, but I am open to suggestions. Also bought Fiocchi FMJ to get started with at the range this weekend. Both found on Ammoseek.

  24. Nice, I use Federal HST 230gr +P. It’s important to get as much velocity out of the .45 ACP as you can. The G30’s barrel length is shorter than a 1911, and the extra pressure will help.

  25. V/H/S and V/H/S 2 are both really good. Also, check out “Host” on Shudder.

  26. You don’t need to clean it that often. For me, I clean every 1,000 rounds or so.

  27. It's better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it.

  28. The Ring was my first ever horror film. I watched it when I was 12. The TV scene near the end gave me nightmares for quite a while.

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